WoW Classic Stress Test 1

One of the main points of the game is community. Even if it is for 5 levels during a stress test. I think reved does not understand the best part of classic. Plus it will be silly and goofy seing lvl 5 hogger raids haha.


lvl 1 hogger raids when your main server is offline is prime vanilla lol ty for reminding me of that!

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So, my client says “Beta & Stress Test: WoW Classic” Does that mean I have access to the stress test tomorrow and then the closed beta after the stress test is done?

Just looking for clarification. Tommorows stress test is ONLY available from 4-6pdt for stress testers? or does it remain up for stress testers as well as beta testers through the following day? I dont get off work until 6:30 pdt

Yeah Im going horde at launch and think I will do human for stress test just b/c of hogger haha

The 4-6pm window is when we need as many people on as possible to do the active testing. The realm will remain playable for those in the stress test until the following day (time listed in the OP) so they play around a bit more.


The wow community now vs 14 years ago is much different. That is the nicest thing I can say about the current community vs the community 14 years ago.

If you got it today then it should be just the stress test.


I hope test beta soon :slight_smile: maybe but good work team :slight_smile:

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I hear ya. But they excitement for a simple stress test gives high hopes for a community driven experience going forward. Glass half full! Join the hype man its going to be a great time no matter how long it lasts.

Oh okay, yeah I got it today. Would my chances at getting into beta be higher if I told you I still remember doing the Benediction and Anathema questline? :slight_smile: I’VE BEEN PLAYING THAT LONG!

They are all over these threads replying often. Its great!

Seriously blizzard!!! you said you named the drop down selection for the Stress test “Beta & Stress Test” because its a different situation?! OR…It could just be called Stress Test!!! you’re playing with my heartstrings blizzard. It’s like dangling heroine in front of an addict while you have already given the drugs to the addicts other friends. RIP


You never know, they might decide to give the stress test to all the people who want it enough to post on the forums.


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Just saw the beta on the app downloaded it to the disappointment of a very limited stress test invite. I’ll be happy to help but I’ve been checking the app for beta for days to be let down like this feelsbad.


yeah, due to the language they chose to use I also assumed that beta AND stress test meant that I get access to the level 30 cap server and the stress test server. Feels like they were just too lazy to add another tab OR they are evil and want to mess with our heads lol

The thing I select says ‘Beta & Stress Test’ as well, so I mean… it says both, I feel like that means I’d have beta as well, no? I dunno.

Edit: I just checked a little above my post and saw the blue post. Looks like I won’t be able to try it out after all. It’s stress test only, and it opens up immediately before my raid time, so I bet I won’t be able to participate at all even. RIP blizz. I dunno how long its staying open for, but especially sound like it’s just up to level 5… what an awful tease, not even worth doing at that point! Haha. Good thing I’m not actively waiting for it, that would’ve been painful.

If you read the Blue post it’s very obvious.

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Did you really need an active sub to be selected for the stress test?

It is tomorrow.