WoW Classic: Season of Mastery is Upon Us

WoW Classic: Season of Mastery is Upon Us

It’s time for a fresh start in your World of Warcraft adventures!

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The #somechanges server is upon us :sunglasses:


I thought this forum was for retail…

Edit: Has been moved to classic discussion instead of general discussion where it was originally posted.


Add Blood Elves & i’ll play :l

Really wouldn’t be a massive stretch to add Draenei / Blood Elf starting zones to classic map since their zone storylines are set pre-entering Outlands.

I guess I’ll bust out the trusty Troll Shaman.


Oh cute! Making gnome :wink:

I read the whole article before realizing it was for Classic.


Interesting changes when it comes to player behavior in-game. Toxicity really has been an issue. I’m glad they are taking action!

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Good changes looking forward to trying it out.


the breadcrumb is WoW Classic > WoW Classic General Discussion > WoW Classic: Season of Mastery is Upon Us

Meeting stones have been converted into summoning stones, correct? It’s not mentioned.


I’m a little worried about Distilled Wisdom still. Are you guys maybe waiting to see if the community adopts the meta from the influx and ease of Black Lotus yields?


I don’t play classic but looks really fun, I’m glad there are more ways for people to play the game!


Thank gosh. This should get rid of the mage boosters. Gold farmers. Hopefully those… players… who all they do is sit around all day and sell dire maul buffs? Love you guys blizzard. Everything here looks really solid. SO HAPPY I dont have to camp around for 5-7 hours to get world buffs just to join raid with my guild… That abuse is OVER. I’m really happy to hear about the increased nodes for mining and herbing!!! Not even just high end materials, but that is going to make everything more fun and feel like a whole new adventure - for some of those who memorize most farming / gathering routes >.> (me). Also totally amazing that you’ve added the summon stones. Group finder sounds like its going to be phenomenally helpful as well.

The only thing I’m a little feeling like AWE DARN. Is that PvP / battlegrounds will be out at the start. I really liked the 300 alli vs 300 horde on my server in Hillsbrad, the day that honor points WAS released, back in classic? That was really one of the most cool moments in gaming that you cannot find elsewhere. And was virtually unheard of in any other game. The day that honor points released? for the next 4 or 5 days straight 24/7 there were people fighting in Hillsbrad and a few other zones, to get maximum honor before the first ranking.

Other than that! I mean, this - what feels like? 19.8 fixes for 20 problems! My only regret is the honor points statement and that really isnt even a big deal, so it counts as 0.2 for me! This is INCREDIBLE!

And to top it all off, once the season of mastery ends… You’re going to give out limited time transfers to classic era servers? Guys. Y’all are genius.

Thank you for making Classic WoW feel real. Back once more. And even better than it was before

Now all you guys gotta do is make the three more final raids to classic that were always meant to be? ONE DAY…
Scarlet monastery raid?
Blue dragonkin raid? (Hinterlands area)
The original Uldum area classic raid? (name it crypt of … something something, OR SOMETHING)

Make each one have its own
10 man raid, 20 man raid, and 40 man raid.
Make each one have its own, rep for 10 rep for 20 and rep for 40
with a profession vendor, who cares how bad the gear is? Just let us craft something boss plz? You could release the loot @ MC ilvl or @nax ilvl. no increase in ilvl needed, just new content.

give us material drops for specific crafting. 10 man crafting, 20 man crafting, 40 man crafting. the whole idea is just to provide more options for gearing. give us something to squeeze!

just some ideas xD



A couple of minutes before you replied, this was not the case. This was accidentally posted in the General Discussion forum before being moved into the WoW Classic General Discussion Forum after about 30 minutes. The commenters who posted within the first 30 minutes stating that they were confused were rightfully so.

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That isn’t where it was originally posted.

very nice. nerf edgemans now plz

Thank you blizz! Keep it coming! More content! Classic + next season!


Keep the changes coming honestly. Little new exciting things for players to experience while keeping the actual gameplay the way it was that everyone in the classic community prefers to retail is it. Keeping the core game the same with little changes that create a better experience/have new fun things to do are essential to keeping classic going long past wrath/seasons of mastery!


I was excited by the new version of SoM, but as a WoW veteran, what attracts me to the game is the leveling, with the facilities attributed to leveling, I’ll stay out of this time, for me it could be the opposite, make it difficult to leveling and leave as were the raids.

For raid we take some 3-4 hours. For leveling it takes 1 or 2 months, so for me what holds the player in the game is the leveling, these changes are practically the same as in retail, fast leveling and raid a little harder

Okay now remove leeway and give us instant mail to our own characters.