WoW Classic Season of Mastery Coming Soon

the xp quest increase is a huge nerf to mage boosting.

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No world buffs, not playing


so unbelievably disappointed with this.
again, these changes are not for the people that will actually play the game.
What about the bot problem? How about you address actual issues.
Rushed content, no world buffs. (meaning we have to flask every raid.)
Blizzard at it again.


For every person not playing because of world buffs, 2 come back.


RIP Horde. Judgement of light and wisdom on every boss now, which couldn’t typically fit into 16 debuffs in classic. Ally was already the pick in classic, now it’s even stronger.


Hello. There are a couple of points we’d like to add to the discussion. We would like to make sure its still viable to level alts in this accelerated time frame.

With that in mind, we’re planning to take a look at mage boosting in the Beta for this release. We have some ideas for adjustments we can make to reduce its impact, especially in current hot-spots like Maraudon.

The proposed increased XP gains are focused entirely on quest XP. We don’t have any plans to increase other sources of XP at this time.

Thanks for the feedback!


whats gonna happen to my stuff then. paid way to much on clones to keep my hard earned gear. refunds maybe? ill just move to FF if i lose all my stuff.


Its not relying on, the game is more fun with buffs. Do you really want to take 2 hours to do MC every week? The most boring raid in the game that will be our only raid for like 4 months?


Classic servers are that way <----


Says the night elf male rogue kekw


YES! Thank you!


Rather spend 2 hours in the instance than 1 hour in there and who knows how long gathering buffs.


No one needs world buffs to down this content. We were clearing Naxx in 1:03 and it was much more fun than any tbc experiences so far.


If you don’t like worldbuffs play tbc, what a wacky change.


You didnt play on a good buffing server then. On a really good server it takes 20-25 mins to get buffs.

They also could have put buffs on a schedule to auto drop in town like they did in china servers and made it incredibly easy for everyone to buff.


Meeting Stones converted to Summoning Stones

R.I.P. Warlocks


World Buffs were an absolute cancer to the game. These are some great changes imo


I like most of the changes excluding the XP boost. However I understand with a faster patch cadence there isn’t much choice.

Some big glaring issues remain. Mostly mage boosting, which 100% needs a huge nerf. I also think a lot more QoL could be added that wouldn’t hurt the game. A mount and pet tab would be nice for collectors.


Yes because playing the game without trying to do was a “cancer” Buffs were a challenge and made the game and community incredibly fun.

If you have an issue with buffs just play TBC… i mean the game is literally already here. Leave classic how it was

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Congratulations on splintering the playerbase.

With the announcement of the complete removal of world buffs, you just lost 99% of the competitive playerbase. We had hoped there would be a compromise, such as temporary removal for just the first month of a new raid, or the implementation of boons at the beginning, but no such luck.

This is by far the most significant change, and a radical shift in paradigm. No, world buffs were not commonly used back in 2005-2006–but the game has evolved over the past 15 years, and world buffs have become INTEGRAL to the game experience for the majority of competitive players. Yes, we’ve been spoiled with cheat codes. And yes, we’re now too addicted to those cheat codes to ever go back.

Either give us some sort of compromise that allow world buffs in raids at some point, or risk losing a large percentage of your competitive playerbase.

My guild was consistently one of the top NA guilds throughout Classic, and we are now evaluating private server alternatives.