WoW Classic Realm Names and Types - Updated Aug. 27

7500 = 40% peak with 3k online cap. For a popular game, 30-40% of MAUs online during peak hours is a good rough guide. So a 3k online population cap, can comfortably manage about 7500 people, maybe a bit more.

What would have made Classic better is if you guys actually used the original server names and allowed all our missing Classic friends a better chance to reconnect. I feel this way would have made a better chance to have Classic be successful.

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a) That’s what the threads are for.

b) They realised that people would be confused when talking about “Moon Guard” whether they meant the Retail or Classic one, especially in forums.

c) Many existing servers have cultures that people would expect to be transplanted, but new servers means new cultures and new names means less “This is how we’ve always done it here” nonsense.

d) There aren’t enough Classic servers to reuse every Retail name, so the majority of people would feel slighted even if they used existing names, because their server didn’t get picked.

e) Isn’t this more fun?


Well, I’m near Chicago, I want a PvE server, and I’m playing Alliance. I guess it’s Pagle. Really hope this doesn’t end up being a dumb decision.

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yes, I can understand there aren’t enough servers. combine names to make it a collaboration then maybe? Mann-Illi-Doom. Or some way of relating them. even if it is a new server name at least maybe some tooltip that could say “home of (these) servers”.

I sparsely read forums, we had guild websites that just dwindled down. Or other outdated ways to communicate.

Culture is not even going to be close to what it is on BFA realms. I cant see how it would translate/transfer to the Classic realm.

maybe more fun for people who have never played i guess. maybe im just an old guy who is gonna think Classic is a waste. who knows.

Start here.

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Attention Kargath/Norgannon Players. Elysian Dawn Will be on Pagle Server. Hope to see some of you there.

Did I miss something definitive about layer count? I have no real information, but I would have guessed maybe 4-5 layers. Allow for a 20 - 25% retention rate.

‘only players who have a character on this realm can make a character on this realm’???
Pagle attempt 1

There is some thing broken or something else going on. Being forced into servers that my family and I do not want. Cannot choose a server. Then when we are in at a character select screen we have to back out to see what server we are on. Then every time we pick Bloodsail Buccaneers it errors out.

Blizzard after all this time you would think you could have the server name displayed on the character creation game. It would be very helpful. Everytime we are taking to a character creation screen we have to back out to find we were forced on to a normal server.

So after like 30+ minutes of queue waits and disconnections all of my selected names were taken. Not to mention it redirected me auto-magically to the wrong server 2 times.

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  1. Got up early, waited for realms – “Locked”!
  2. Suddenly, “Incompatible”
  3. Surprise client update after having the BattleNet client open for hours?
  4. Open realm list Logging into server
  5. You have been disconnected
  6. Open realm list Logging into server
  7. You have been disconnected
  8. Open realm list Logging into server
  9. You have been disconnected
  10. Open realm list Logging into server
  11. Got in! Can’t see what server I’m on, create character. Myzrael wtf.
  12. Realm list, select Whitemane.
  13. Logging into server
  14. You have been disconnected
  15. Rage intensifies. Open game, select Whitemane.
  16. Logging into server
  17. You have been disconnected
  18. Rage further intensifies. Open game, select Whitemane.
  19. Finally get in (45 minutes post-“available”)! Name taken, name taken, name taken.

Gee, thanks Blizzard. Glad to learn you’ve figured out how to run launches.


That was my understanding, but the streamer community is going on about inside information about 45k layers.

Just wondering if anyone here got the name Magnus on Golemagg?

58 minutes later I finally get in, and got my name on 3 servers.

I got in right away and reserved 3 names. Everything worked great.

Very smooth… Thanks Blizz

The so called EAST servers are indeed hosted in Chicago.

The so called EAST servers are indeed hosted in Chicago.

It’s not like they had… you know… YEARS to prepare or anything…first choice names… gone… second choice names… gone… was seriously considering a profane name about blizzard towards the end…