WoW Classic Realm Names and Types - Updated Aug. 27

(Sephrinx) #1077

Hey can you update this please?


Looks like there is a new PvP Server.


Mankrik and Pagle both full, so if we want to be on an EST normal server we’re just gonna be stuck waiting in ques?


There hasn’t been a new server since the 19th when they added two one on each coast.


Life, somehow, will move on. You will be ok friend.

(Kaivax) #1082

Yes. Updated!

(Phab) #1083

Y’all suuuuuuure you don’t wanna add another 2 PvE servers?


Is there any way possible you wonderful people could add a Central Time Zone server pretty please!

(Sephrinx) #1085

Thanks :smile:


Could we get another Pacific time PVE normal server? I’d like to play the game not play the queue



I think you meant Eastern time PVE normal server…


Another Eastern Normal would be nice. Both of them are now full.


Guys and gals, give them time to address the server situation. By Sunday, ya’ll will have your new servers. And “by Sunday” I mean, either tomorrow, Saturday, or Sunday morning. They know people that played Vanilla are 15 years older now. We have careers, families, and responsibilities. Why release new servers on days when people are most likely working? Let them release on the weekend when people can transfer with their guilds and such. No need to keep griping over things they already know about. Blizzard knows what they’re doing. Have some faith.


@Vlad If that’s indeed the plan, then they should announce it now to give people time to coordinate.


@Maely: I’m sure they will. Give them time. This isn’t just some mobile game with patchwork code. They can spend the week getting tweaks down and the weekend worrying about servers when the majority of the player base will be available to coordinate.


No they won’t. When they brought up Stalaag 3 days after it was first needed they gave 1 hour lead time. When that happened some large guilds flat out stated that if they had 24 hrs notice ahead of the server coming up they would have moved and the next time if they have that 24 hr notice they would move. So what does Blizz do? Give 6 hours of notice. So unless you are retired like me and can spend hours on the forum then you can easily miss a new server coming up.


Okay, so if they bring them up on Sunday and tell you about it on Friday, You can stop your crying, correct?


Did I miss something about more new servers? Or is this regarding Skeram and Blaumeux?


in regards to Sker/Blau.

My thought is, tomorrow or Saturday they will announce new servers that will be brought up on Sunday, which gives people time to plan guild migrations.

It’s just that a bunch of a children play this game and think their whining is going to get them new servers.


None of this actually effects me or the people I’m playing with. We are not trying to race to 60, we are not planning on Raiding at all. What we are playing Classic for is the open world PvP and the BG’s when they go in so making a complete disaster at launch won’t effect us. So I haven’t been crying, I just corrected you head in the sand fanboism