WoW Classic PTR Stress Test -- June 18

I’d honestly really like a statement like “yaaa guys we know you aren’t fans of botting, but Classic WoW was a Activizzard cash-cow operation from the get-go and we aren’t gonna ban subscribers for anything short of DDOSing our servers”


Guys should put off AQ until you have a solution to botting tbh.


Sounds great. Let me know when you grow up so I can get a mature response.


Does this mean faster Bug respawns?

This will be challenging without being able to copy any characters to the PTR.

how about you guys fix there issue that prevents us from copying our characters to the PTR? guess you just want level 1s stress testing it for you.

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screw you kunou. 2 Layers on herod is nothing bad.

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It’s horrible. The world just feels bad.

The server can’t handle when there’s like 3 guilds running in BRM. Soooo… :neutral_face:

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Way to be proactive by testing. Kudos Blizz.

Just logged into the test realm and general chat is full of chinese language from characters with chinese names. Bot testers?

Layering servers will not solve the population problems. Please let people transfer off these servers for free. And stop letting people create new characters on these servers if they dont already have a character on the server.

So bot and hack to your hearts content because we can’t detect it.

Got it.


Layers are Better than Cues. The only people who dont like Layers are the Horders

I mean, you literally don’t have to play with layers. If you choose to play on a Full or high pop server, that’s on you. (I choose to, I understand the trade offs).

No. They promised they would remove layers by P2. This is THEIR problem, not mine. I won’t leave my friends behind because of their incompetence.

And they did.

So, no problem?


Meaning, THEY have to fix this mess not the player.

And they are back!

What mess?

Yes. That’s a trade off. Layers over queues. They aren’t going away, unless populations decline or player activity decreases drastically. For such an event to happen, you’d almost require the world to stop being in a state of emergency during a pandemic.

Or it would require blizzard to meaningfully address the bot issue that has bloated the servers with accounts that never log off.