WoW Classic Hotfixes -- Updated November 16

Are blizzard planning to do anything with the current state of AV? or does every single post on the WoW classic discussion page go ignored.

#NOCHANGES works fine :slight_smile:

Also, whatsup with BWL announce? we got plenty of ppl who realy tired of AV queueing guys, hope time that u got is enough to push amazing stuff to us.

I agree. But I guess whats done is done now :frowning:

To be fair, Vanish was always garbage in Vanilla. I used to get pissed off all the time in PvP getting shot by a hunter or swung on by a warrior or blasted by a mage… well after i had vanish up.

I mean, I don’t really care about pvp. It would be nice if it worked in pve. Sometimes it doesn’t even drop threat, let alone take me out of combat.

I like how a lot of the AV issues that were stated were glossed over, but nah let’s make useless fixes like slam.

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Probably not the right spot, but anyway… anyone else having trouble getting right click to “grab,” in that, when I right click to strafe, a lot of time cursor goes away, but it didn’t hit, and I end up just turning?

Right click is responsive everywhere else… but not in the client.

Wow… only took 3 months.

I’ve updated the OP, and edited the wording of the latest hotfix:

Alterac Valley

  • Spirit Guides in the starting caves now apply Honorless Target to the players they resurrect.
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Learn what?
It was not for the honor.
And it only affects rezzing in the starting cave.
If you are rezzing in the starting cave, you have worse issues than horde getting honor.

Wait, just noticed the cave part. Yeah, nevermind, dumb change.

Where’s that hot fix to stop alliance from leaving 10 players in 40v40 BG after they decide to drop out of the queue ?

Even retail doesnt have a hotfix for that i dont think?

Another useless thing barely anyone asked for, except for maybe crybaby alliance streamers. Why aren’t we addressing premade alliance screwing over their own and zone disruption some games by getting games canceled early and horde goes back into their 30 minute queues? The whole remove AV room numbers and/or give queue dodgers a daily stackable penalty for constantly dodging. Pally bubble room exploit even if horde has 8 war masters? All these things… nah let’s patch something that doesn’t even matter.

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You know, I didn’t like tunnel camping before, but now I kind of want to.

This is a wholly unnecessary change, that fixes a “problem” which only existed due to the actions of Alliance players. And instead of doing anything to make the Alliance players change their ways, you have instead made a change to affect Horde players who were trying to make the best of a bad situation.

You have attacked a symptom and ignored the cause.

(PS - “You” in this post refers to the developers, or whoever made this decision. I know it wasn’t your fault personally, Kaivax.)

IIRC you supposed to be HT when rezzed in the cave anyways?

How about letting Spirit Guides apply a buff where I can cast my buffs without draining 75% of my mana upon spawning?


I literally just got out of an AV where alliance just stood on the flag without capping, waiting to spawn kill any horde that were stupid enough to take the spirit res.

Did you guys just not even think about this? People don’t graveyard camp in AV for honor. They do it because it’s annoying to the other faction. They do it because they already have more honor than they need, and they want to prevent you from getting as much as you need. This “hotfix” literally changes nothing. You’ll probably encourage people to do it more, because it doesn’t actually stop them from doing it.

Any word on the AV Warmaster kiting that is causing AVs to last 6 minutes and sending thousands of horde players back out into 40 minute ques? Or are we just concerned with premades camping tunnel spawn points?

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Blizz needs to make 2 changes to pvp in general. 1. apply a 15-20 minute deserter de-buff to people who leave the bg queue. This will stop the queue dodging that is happening and contributing to the short games and “honor” farming. It will result in more premade vs premade games and fewer Zerg steamrolls that are running the game.
2. Apply a fix to reset the Warmasters at the threshold of the keep and and stop the “I win” button the allies currently use.

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