WoW Classic Hotfixes -- Updated November 16


From 2005:

For those too lazy to right click:

There has been some confusion in regards to whether or not the act of “rooftop camping”, or killing players while using geometry to avoid the town guards, is allowed. We will no longer condone this act in game. Players who participate in this method of PvP will be given a warning and educated on this new policy, and further action will be taken as circumstances warrant. We wish to provide a fair playing field to our customers, and this abuse of game mechanics has been hampering that effort.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

  • Caydiem -
    Assistant Community Manager


Any word on vanish?

I agree. I’m not a rooftop ganker though. I just don’t think it’s a problem and shouldn’t be changed at the expense of the vanilla experience.

you mean getting banned “The Vanilla Experience”

Literally nobody got banned in vanilla for rooftop ganking.

they got banned and it usually was a 3 day ban, repeat offenders were longer

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That’s a suspension. And I’d question even that. Do you have proof?

yeah I have proof from 2005 of people getting banned, seriously they’ve discussed it, it’s an exploit, people were banned back then for exploiting including this and it’s no different now them patching it saving people from a ban by making guards attack them.

Could you please share?

that was sarcasm…

why are we not discussing the more important change, I need more details on this Pet attack stealth deal, is it if i stealth before the pet attacks me I still get attacked? or was there a bug that made pets not attack after you stealth / unstealth? The way I understand the writing sounds like you broke stealth if they send a pet after you and you wasn’t touched yet.

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Ok. Well I find it hard to believe that anyone ever got more than a warning for rooftop ganking. People got away with a lot in vanilla. It was really really hard to get suspended.

pvp happened on a pvp server cheaters!


If you are being chased by a pet that has already be commanded to attack you but you manage to get out of combat or never were in combat, the pet will still continue to hunt you down; As before the pet would go back to its owner.

You know what actually costs even less?

Having a team assigned to a project, whose funds have already been allocated for, making a change to said project to get rid of a problem for the team whose job it is to handle problems because there isn’t enough of people on that team to handle it.

Or in clearer terms, Blizzards CS team isn’t big enough to effectively remove disruptive players so they changed the game.

OP updated!

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Yep I never got banned from attacking people from rooftops besides the only places where you can do this the goblin guards shoot you and knock you out of the city with their knockback.

Don’t know how I feel about people getting banned from a pvp situation, people been attacking from rooftops since classic and every expansion after. I feel weird that they are making changes to something they admit was classic to unclassic.