WoW Classic Hotfixes -- Updated November 16

Ok. Well I find it hard to believe that anyone ever got more than a warning for rooftop ganking. People got away with a lot in vanilla. It was really really hard to get suspended.

pvp happened on a pvp server cheaters!


If you are being chased by a pet that has already be commanded to attack you but you manage to get out of combat or never were in combat, the pet will still continue to hunt you down; As before the pet would go back to its owner.

You know what actually costs even less?

Having a team assigned to a project, whose funds have already been allocated for, making a change to said project to get rid of a problem for the team whose job it is to handle problems because there isn’t enough of people on that team to handle it.

Or in clearer terms, Blizzards CS team isn’t big enough to effectively remove disruptive players so they changed the game.

OP updated!

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Yep I never got banned from attacking people from rooftops besides the only places where you can do this the goblin guards shoot you and knock you out of the city with their knockback.

Don’t know how I feel about people getting banned from a pvp situation, people been attacking from rooftops since classic and every expansion after. I feel weird that they are making changes to something they admit was classic to unclassic.

Another L to the group.

I think there’s an important distinction between using careful planning and positioning to not get aggro, as opposed to “Lol I’m just gonna sit on this roof.” This isn’t much different from a game dev punishing many other types of exploits. Now a lot of those devs have options to fix those exploits. Here it would mean some far less elegant solution, like changing the layout of the towns to eliminate our ability top get on roof, or putting up invisible walls.

Ultimately I’m fine with just telling players “Hey, don’t do something that’s obviously not intended. If a guard has aggroed you that means the game’s logic dictates they should be able to attack you.”

Like if someone exploited a similar issue in a Raid, avoiding damage from a boss, that wouldn’t be ok either.

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Areas in later expansions were a different beast, because we had flying. So the actual rule of “PvP problems have PvP solutions” takes over, since reaching that roof is simple and doesn’t involve wall climbing (like the inn roof in Gadgetzen does). In non-flying areas rooftop camping becomes an exploit because not only can guards not hit you, but players are going to have a harder time actually reaching you. In Booty Bay this may be trivial, but what about the Duskwood house? If you get snared while you try to make that jump, you aren’t gonna make it.

The guards absolutely can hit you. They have guns that knock you back halfway across the map. I get the sense that most of the people complaining about “sploits” have no idea what they’re talking about.

Again, if you gank outside the entrance to booty bay, by staying far enough away from the guards that they don’t attack you, that is EXACTLY the same thing as ganking inside a neutral city. You find a spot there are no guards, less guards, gaps, and you fight there.

What’s really at issue here is players want to feel safe when in cities. But you’re not safe anywhere. You can camp in the throne room of your major city, log back in later and get ganked on rez due to world pvp.

Nowhere is safe, everything is permitted, it’s world PVP, quit complaining.

If you’re getting knocked off the roof by guards, you aren’t doing it right. I know this stuff from experience (and got the warning once when they rule changed). Avoiding guard punts is as simple as backing up from the edge of the roof to LOS, at which point the guards just get stuck, like when you evasion glitch a mob. Not to mention not all guards in all towns have those guns.

Right, that’s fine because PvP is fine. That’s not an exploit, that’s just fighting outside of a town (where PvP has not intentionally been punished via guard aggro). PvP outside of towns -> no guards. PvP inside of a town -> likely guards. That’s the formula. If you use an exploit to avoid it, you’re gonna get dinged, as is the case in any video game. If you just find a soft spot to fight in, that’s not an exploit of the game’s logic.

Even on retail, with War Mode on, I don’t feel safe in Stormwind. My realm has had a recent case of Horde using Stockades to run out and attack people at the AH, then run back on a nightly basis. No complaints there, it’s been fun. I just logged in yesterday to one of those fights and had a great time, the guys I fought alongside even started an impromptu Arena tournament in Gurubashi afterwards. So those attacks are part of why I love PvP servers, and War Mode.

There’s nothing wrong with PvP in cities, it’s the reason I don’t like DHKs as a mechanic. However the understanding should be that the raiding party (or party going against the rules of the neutral guards) should be taking on additional risk for their transgression. If you are exploiting to avoid that risk, then it’s reasonable for a game dev to punish that.

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I don’t gank from rooftops but if you get aggro while not on perfectly level ground, such as on a mailbox, boxes, balcony in BB, they switch to pinball mode. I’ve been attacked behind the inn at Gadg and vaulted OVER the wall from guards shooting lol.

this is broken. people are macroing their pet to attack over 40 yards and pull people out of stealth.

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So why are you cosmic jackasses making unwanted/unasked changes to the game that was supposed to be an authentic vanilla experience? Is butchering the economy and population with layering, free transfers, and complete lack of community interaction not enough for you?

Corrected an issue with the Gnomish Cloaking Device that caused it to incorrectly drop the player from combat when used.

You mean… you broke the items intended use that has worked that way and been known to work that way for ages? Thus making a trinket with an already 1 HR cd completely worthless? Gee, thanks, anything else you want to screw up? Or fix? Because we can see how well that’s worked out with retail.

I would’ve preferred Blizzard to dish out bans to the people exploiting the rooftops, but this is a much easier solution for Blizzard. Make a tweak to increase the guards range and prevent people from rooftop camping or spend countless hours sifting through reports and banning the exploiters? It’s obvious the route that Blizzard is going to take.

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I think the blue post says they fixed it so they could do that
If they tell pet to attack before stealth takes place, pet will come get you

This is actually how it was in Vanilla. I still painfully remember stealthing and having a pet coming from across the map to hit me. It was super annoying then and I can only imagine how much worse it is with the spy addon.

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Is screwing a bit with raid sized group things, guess though there isnt any other way to do it

Says the druid with ranged attacks, stealth, backstabbing, and shapeshifting out of guard nets. Not to mention the ability to root any melee who try to get on the rooftop to fight you in place. And if they try to fight back while rooted with a grenade or bow, the guards will kill them and not you, giving them equipment damage. (You do realize you basically just told us all you abuse the ToS regularly and exploit LoS / pathing?)

I’m well aware of how “fun” it is to be a lv38 trying to hand in your BB quests while a lv60 druid is rooftop camping you, stealthing and backstabbing you, and shapeshifting out of guard nets and getting away with it all day. Now there’s entire groups of people doing that just to grief players.

Vanilla had a fraction of the server population we do. When you have 15 people rooftop camping in every city instead of 1 or 2 due to server population, it’s going to change the experience, and the magnitude of the problem.

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