WoW Classic Hotfixes -- Updated November 16

It does have an influence on the population. Quite simply, If you are playing your alt on another server, there will be 1 less player on Whitemane.

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So if the BG holiday now starts at the same time on all realms for the Americas region what time would that be, mountain standard time? 12:01am MST?

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Please separate the time zones again.

So in essence, there is only US-West battlegroup?
If match making crosses groups, and BG holiday starts in PST time, then it would seem there really is not a battlegroup any more?

Is there some other thing divided by battlegroups i am missing?

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That’s where you’re wrong. Why would I have any inclination to ever play my alt on a dead server? None of my friends are there - they all transferred off. That character may as well not even exist anymore.

May 5, 2020

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from receiving the correct amount of Cenarion Circle reputation from killing the Abyssal High Council while in a raid.

I killed 3 Lords, 2 Fridays ago and got no Cenarion Circle reputation in a raid of around 15 to 20 people. Should my rep now reflect Cenarion Circle Reputation that I didn’t get on those kills? How can I obtain the lost rep I should of gotten?

Would be cool if you folks would visit the classic bug forum and at least acknowledge the slew of bugs in game since release that folks have been reporting.

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May 5, 2020

  • Players will now receive a raid lockout warning instead of immediately accepting a raid lockout when entering Zul’Gurub with a party member who has defeated Gahz’ranka.
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Well, better Nate then Lever.
Guess they going to have to die again

can you fix the log in que bug? dont understand why we have to que to log in…

Layers plz

Can you fix the stand sit speed. Its not vanilla like
And anvilrage overseer not getting out of combat

And blessing of sanctuary not affecting crystal of zin malor

These are the only problems in the whole game left for paladins. All the others are spell batch related and arent bugs since they cant be fixed because spell batching is part of the game.

Can we fix the que bug or are we just going to keep changing to layers then going back to ques then having layers. Surely its not that hard to understand whatever you guys at bliz are doing its not working. Time to make some big boy choices or your going to lose alot of players because im not paying to sit in a que.

  • When using Advanced Combat Logging, the presence of various world buffs (e.g. Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer) will now be consistently recorded when starting a raid encounter.

So we still don’t get actually important changes…

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Oops, the cake was a lie. Have a pie instead :pie:

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I hate to say this, and maybe it is too early to say this as well but at least on Pagle the Black Lotus changes haven’t really made much of a difference. I can still never find any when I go herbing and the price hasn’t really dropped due to the changes.


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so botting… tomorrow patch?

The change wasn’t really addressing the supply and demand issue, it was more to kill the people who set up level 1 armies and mafias.