WoW Classic Hotfixes -- Updated November 16

IIRC you supposed to be HT when rezzed in the cave anyways?

How about letting Spirit Guides apply a buff where I can cast my buffs without draining 75% of my mana upon spawning?


I literally just got out of an AV where alliance just stood on the flag without capping, waiting to spawn kill any horde that were stupid enough to take the spirit res.

Did you guys just not even think about this? People don’t graveyard camp in AV for honor. They do it because it’s annoying to the other faction. They do it because they already have more honor than they need, and they want to prevent you from getting as much as you need. This “hotfix” literally changes nothing. You’ll probably encourage people to do it more, because it doesn’t actually stop them from doing it.

Any word on the AV Warmaster kiting that is causing AVs to last 6 minutes and sending thousands of horde players back out into 40 minute ques? Or are we just concerned with premades camping tunnel spawn points?

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Blizz needs to make 2 changes to pvp in general. 1. apply a 15-20 minute deserter de-buff to people who leave the bg queue. This will stop the queue dodging that is happening and contributing to the short games and “honor” farming. It will result in more premade vs premade games and fewer Zerg steamrolls that are running the game.
2. Apply a fix to reset the Warmasters at the threshold of the keep and and stop the “I win” button the allies currently use.

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Updated with today’s hotfix.

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Odd because you know what ?

I sat at Snowfall Graveyard not 5 mins. ago and a 5-man Horde team were doing exactly that.

Note they did NOT cap the ( Alliance BLUE ) flag. All they did was run across the little bridge back and forth and kill any unsuspecting Alliance player rezzing at SFGY.

They did this for at least 10 mins.

Alliance players are reporting that they still can see the AV bg #s and that they are still able to premade with more than 5 people… Could you please provide an update on this?

Can you see the BG numbers?
If not, you might be getting trolled.

Ive not been in game yet to see

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People are suspecting the presence of artificial delays in alliance queueing on oceanic realms, is this a mistake? Will it be addressed? I am only the messager…

I am glad abut the Gadgetzan changes and Guard behaviors etc.

And I think the change, even if not in Classic is justified.

I want to play Classic as it was meant to be played, not have Classic Bugs and Exploits… This is so many years later, and back then the bugs were mitigated by the fact that only few people were aware of them. Today the majority are so it warrants the response it received.

Other than this, I think that there is some artificial mechanism behind Hunter play. Can you please remove the Dampening Field?

Please fix hunters. Some of the bugs from the artificial spell batching are game breaking for some hunter mechanics working or not.

They’re not messing with spell batching even though its 100% hot garbage.

That means hunters will be like this for the remainder of classic’s life.

2005 spell batching in a game where internet has blazing speeds and low end gaming machines are monsters is a complete joke.

What they need to do is give a few spells “priority” in the spell batch system.

For example spell interrupts, feign death, exc. Should have priority to function properly.

If I FD .5 seconds before a spell cast finishes it should reliability prevent the spell cast unless resisted. Same with counter spell, kick, and other interrupts. I’ve used FD on the last second of a pyroblast with no resists and the enemy spell still goes off. Spell batching can be made to work IF they give priority to interrupts and Target drops.

The GZ changes have done little to fix the issues.

The quest [Lunar Festival] is a little wonky, I only got quest credit for shooting the fireworks in Ironforge, it didn’t work in Stormwind

Amazing hotfix guys, Just come out of a premade which was 90% premade from BoK members on arugal alliance.

be smart and remove this, and report through the closed channels

Can you hot fix where I join a AV 40min in just to lose a few min later. I mean after a point of time no one should be able to join a game that’s at its end. Complete waste of a 1hr Q. or can we have Horde on Horde since alliance isn’t pvping.


I think blizz forgot to update this thread this week