WoW Classic hardcore gaining stream

The hardcore challenge in classic wow is a game changer! It’s such a nice change of pace from the zoom zoom culture that has over taken the game! Thank you Kargoz and others that are keeping it going!

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what is the hardcore challenge?

Pretty sure it’s just like an ARPG on hardcore in SSF (solo self-found).

You get no items, no gold, nothing from outside characters.

Make a new character.

Try to reach level 60.

If you die you delete the character.

that presumably wouldn’t go well on PvP servers

that sounds difficult. I cant even make it to lvl 10 without dying at least once. props to anyone thats actually trying that.

How can you tell how many times you died in classic?

You can’t really. GM’s can verify deaths if they are willing. You are supposed to record the journey so it can be reviewed if you are lucky enough to make it to 60.

Let’s be real…this is a pve server only endeavor. Still sounds cool though…i wonder what it would be like to have 40 different HARDCORE players go into molten core and wipe on rag at 2%…

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Ya…PVE for sure. No way you would survive on a PvP server. My guess is it would be either dead silence in comms or total chaos hahahah.

I’ve wanted to participate in the hardcore challenge myself at some point, but it’s a large time investment and I have to spend most of my time lifting.