WoW Classic Era 1.14 PTR

Since the Blizzard Bug Report Tool is not working on the PTR, I shall share my current feedback here for now. Starting from level 1 on a Warrior Orc named Draenor, this is what I have to report so far:

  • Bag size is 20 slots instead of 16.
  • When inventory is full, any item picked up vanishes and doesn’t give the “Inventory is Full” error. When logging out, any vanished item will return to any empty bag slots upon relogging in.
  • Key bindings do not remain upon logging in and out.
  • Poor and Common rating items dropped from enemies in the starting zones seems to be more common.
  • Damage dealt to enemies seems higher, damage dealt from enemies seems lower.
    Shall keep updating till the Report Tool is fixed.
  • Backpack is completely busted; other bags do not store items picked up from containers. The backpack seems to have unlimited space, but vanishing items return to any empty slot in the backpack after relogging.
  • When choosing an item from a quest reward, if the backpack is full, it pops up with the error “Inventory is Full.”
  • The Backpack doesn’t have unlimited slots, seems to have a fixed amount but the extra slots cannot be seen with the UI.
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Note that a base bag size of 20 is normal on classic, once you install the “authenticator” app:

Yes this is a #somechanges thing.

The other weirdness, that seems buggy.

Classic as in Vanilla wow is NOT normal to have anything other than 16 slot bags for the backpack. Just another $$$$ grab… NOT IN MY FRESH!

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Classic + is meant to have changes you door knob.

How hard can it be to release 4 new fresh servers come on Blizz.


It looks like they’re doing some #somechanges but if they use a light brush I will probably still play. If it’s a Classic /Retail smash up… naw I’ll pass.

Vanilla wow with some changes is NOT a Classic + (it’s technically “Vanilla with sprinkles”)
The “Plus” aspect comes from the idea that AFTER the #nochanges Classic game gets past Naxx they launch some of the original designs or ideas IN CLASSIC as additional content.

Think of Classic + as if TBC never happened and Wow went in an alternate direction.
(go watch some Youtubes on the topic and see what you might have missed these past 7 or so years)

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you already have your vanilla with no changes server, go play them. the new one will hopefully have changes to make fresh feel fresh again.


Classic forever and fresh aren’t enemies. They can work together over the long haul.

Classic fresh servers should end at a certain point (15-18 months?) and be merged into the forever servers. That would reliven up the forever scene while allowing seasonal fresh to start over again.

Would be a win win, bring back thousands of players to fresh and then allow at least hundreds more to join the forever groups.

The way TBC classic was handled was just poor imo.

Some servers should have continued while other servers should have stayed classic forever. This clone/copy stuff was just a bad idea.


Fresh asap.


exactomundo! This has been successfully done already on many of the Pserver communities over the years. Thank you for making known that it’s not an “us” vs “them”… we can have a win win.


Where’s the link to the details of these changes that should obviously be in this post?


sup fresh when


ty blizz kekw

Thanks for adding the bug report menu. So far no new bugs to report since my last update.

Really great stuff

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