WoW Classic Era 1.14 PTR

it seems the ptr isnt on the west coast. is this the new location for the full NA connected realms? as somebody playing west and being from the uk i approve! 40 less ms!

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I can’t even copy my character. When I try to copy I receive a message “Please wait, copy in progress” but it never does. Takes forever copying and after that disconnect from the game.


What exactly is being tested? I didn’t see any postings under “In Development.”


I put in a bug report but it seems like aspect ratio is broken for macOS client. Classic era supports 21:9 in windowed mode, it seems like the new client is stuck at 4:3 in windowed.

i need 100k gold to test what buying another bank slot does.

Thank you Blizzard for making improvements to best version of wow.


And Blizzard getting everything they wanted aka free labor from the player instead of getting themself involve to fix their own crap.

Free to Play for Blizzard modern era is basicly, we getting the game fix by the player and we spend nothing on it. So hard no

I’m guessing that the new classic era is going to be on the same engine or whatever that tbc classic is, which in turn is the same as Shadowlands. That would be different than what we had in classic vanilla. So, they want us to test and see if this switch has created any new bugs.

But I don’t feel like doing beta testing for Blizzard so I’ll just keep waiting for the full release.


Leveled up to 10 paladin for now. Better hope they make significant changes for paladins and classic because I am tired of standing and watching them slowly die.

Calm down man - every gaming company uses players to test bugs and betas. This is standard procedure and you know it. Stop being so angry about a game you are going to continue to play and pay for.

Personally I am pretty excited about it.


Thanks for your sentiments Devilyn, but we HAVE been ‘waiting our turn’

I bring up 3 major concerns with Classic:
1.) There is real issue with the lack of players on Classic Era. They should not have ‘forced’ by incentivize / pay walling players who just want Classic. Merge the servers
2.) Fresh solves a lot of the issues created by forcing everyone into TBC and draining well established long lived thriving servers. Bliz did a real disservice to the community. (knee jerk reaction and mass server migration wildly imbalancing once quaint 50/50 servers cough Earthfury) as well as wildly abused right click reporting from AV cross server BG’s. Lots of reaons to give us a FOREVER SERVER and DONT TOUCH IT
3.) Many players want to experience Classic + (content beyond Nax… NOT TBC and blood elf) but undeveloped content that was starting to be developed. This would take time effort and some consensus from community?

There are really 3 things that they need to address. So it’s not Just Era vs Fresh vs Plus+ It’s three issues that need to be addressed all together.

Suggestion: Launch a Fresh FOREVER server NOW! with minimal changes and have era servers rejoin after 2 years as the phases progress to the same spot.
Put out some info and ideas and begin development of separate servers for people who want to experience an alternate story line from what TBC/Wrath/Panda was.

*FOREVER server is just that. NOT Classic + and NOT going into TBC. LEAVE THE SERVER ALONE so players who ONLY want Classic can re-roll one last time with all their friends in ONE PLACE!

It is not realistic to assume that they add this content. The only stuff I could imagine is maybe Transmog or Dual spec, maybe dungeon finder. But whole new zones, dungeons or even raids, is a no go I am afraid.

Classic Vanilla is played by a few thousand people tops, there is just no community for the investment it would take.

While I think that TBC fresh would have been the way to go (the only time fresh made sense in my opinion), the lack of players is not because TBC is out, but because classic Vanilla just isnt as popular anymore.

Yes, there is a tight community that plays it, my realm has a nice community of a few hundred people and its fun, but we are in a minority and this will not change with a fresh realm. People played through classic once or twice by now, why do it a third time?

Those that want fresh are min maxers, powergamers or streamers who want to fill their ego with realm first but after that? They will leave immediately and the realm will remain empty.

I saw this happen at classic with new realms, also at TBC and Blizzard will have learned from that I hope.
Only realms made on release are still healthy on retail, all other realms are dead there and only saved by xrealm and dungeon browser. Same will happen to Vanilla fresh, it just doesnt make sense right now.

It would be much more important to add important quality of life features, like the name system. I have a friend who wanted to join me, but her name is taken by someone who doesnt even play. She would have joined, but not without that name that she had since Alpha WOW.

Some others dont want to play as they want dual spec, dungeon browsers or transmog, some even 1.5 AV and so on. These are things that could motivate some to play on classic vanilla again, but if those things will come? Who knows.

The right click happens everywhere, but I agree xrealm is a mistake and that is why I dont understand why you want server merges. The are evil and kill communities, not fix them.

If you want a realm without strangers, RP is the way to go and it is heaven. Just that we share BG´s, with others is an issue.

I dont know why you feel people were forced into TBC, as they were not. I am still on classic with my chars and made new ones on TBC. Nobody had to go anywhere, but truth is, the realms were already quite empty before TBC realms came up.

Most people realized at one point that layering and xrealm but also the whole 1.12 balance are just not as much fun as playing WOW 1.0. Besides that, the rose tinted googles have worn off, a lot is just painful like killing 100 strider for 8 claws and such.

For many classic vanilla was a short fun when it was new, but after a while only the try hards were left and BG´s were full of twinks and rank 14 premades, which was terrible and finding a raid without paying gold or competing with the lotus mafia became a chore.

Honestly, I understand why many did not stay and leave.

People can already do that. We have reroll projects on my realm, two nice guilds with active players. No need to fracture the already small community even further by opening new realms.

You mean 20 servers that you could have chosen and you have waited enough of your turn?

Because Classic+ people want to see their thing.

I dont know what this PTR is, but if it’s just the same vanilla classic, I am going to be extremely disappointed because you don’t need PTR for this nonsense.

Below are some changed other players and I have discovered

  • /spit changed to be unable to target players. Now always does “You spit on the ground”
  • /whistle changed to a different sound
  • Mount specials no longer make any noise
  • Ping comparisons indicate server location is not on NA west coast, but server still uses NA West coast time
  • Still no patch notes on what else has changed

Here’s to hoping this is at least a precursor to globally merged classic era to truly make it a world of warcraft.


helllo heelosd

yes sir, this is good

I am not opposed to Blizzard making a Classic +
In fact I hope you get it; though I will not be playing it. I made three primary proposals in my previous post here:

I think they could launch a quick fresh with minimal changes and THEN begin work on a Classic + It’s not such a big deal to have 4 ‘wow communities’ or splitting the player base because for the most part the people want what they want and refuse to play anything other than what they want. They’ll have the audience and a solid population for their servers as long as we keep it small.

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Seems like the PTR got an update. Only changes I’ve noticed are the following:

  • Bug report button removed
  • UI elements fixed on the in-game menus

All other documented changes I mentioned earlier are still present, as far as I know.

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druids shapeshifting now removes root effects as intended. the mail and items is ALL messed up though. my friend gave me a x5 stack of swiftness potions and when i logged back in … that slot in my bag was lvl 12 healing potions :confused:

Nice! Can’t wait for classic fresh!

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