WoW Classic Era 1.14 PTR

We’ve just opened the WoW Classic Era Public Test Realm (PTR) for version 1.14.0, which is now available for testing. While 1.14 does not include any new testable content, it’s important for us to establish this version, since it accompanies recent server-side and infrastructure updates that have been made to the World of Warcraft service.

Thanks in advance to anyone who logs into the PTR and submits bug reports using the in-game bug report tool (default hotkey: F6). We expect to apply this patch to WoW Classic Era during a standard weekly maintenance period in a few weeks.


Any news for us on fresh classic?


How soon can the community expect to hear something with regards to fresh whether its a road map, possible ideas what have you. there are those that are excited and those that are leery.
people are excited to see something but really do want to hear what the possible ideas/plans are for fresh. anything would be appreciated if at all.


Hopefully you’ll be leaving Classic Era as Classic Era. To those wanting Fresh Classic, wait your turn. There’s been a slew of issues tied to Classic Era and this is one of the first times Blizzard has actually recognized us as part of the game.


Asking us again to work for them for free while they do nothing and fix their own game.

Hard no


fresh pls.


us? you and what the ten other people that play classic era?

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We clear Naxx every week. I’m sorry for your unfortunate disposition.


Yeah there is 15/15 guilds on Era

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Much respect to you guys since you are first 15/15 Naxx ally but why oh why do y’all have to be on a PVE server? I am guessing if/when they finally merge the Era servers, it will likely be along the line of PVE/PVE so you guys will be pretty much by yourselves again, since PVE west doesn’t have much going on (they finally cleared BWL last week).

We PVP west over here 13/15 (1-shot 4H progression last week) and will try Sapph/KT next week.

yea, we are clearing aq40, kel thuzad, and also mc, bwl, zg, aq20 & ony every week.

also, (pagle/mankirk/westfall/windseeker/ashkandi) server has 120 to 200 ppl online on weekdays now. population is growing.


Hey, that sounds awesome and, no doubt, you’ll be knockin’ on KT’s door soon enough! I mean, I chose PVE initially solely because it’s where I could have most of the character names that I wanted hehe. I’m really glad I did as it’s so much less stress and, unlike a lot of others, I really enjoy the WB stacking which would be a lot harder on a PvP server.

Also, I know what you’re talking about with the West coast and I hope they succeed. I transferred from Myzrael because there wasn’t enough going on but I know there are a lot of dedicated raiders so the more merging the better!

Anyways, I wish you all the best of luck!

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i don’t think most of the playerbase enjoy being ganked or roleplaying. that might be the reason why PvE servers are the most populated.

Thanks for the kind words. I replied to you on my PVE east horde LTD disc the other day too…Anyways you guys are not burned out with 3 40-man raid nights including Naxx weekly? Are you guys are able to farm enough consumes weekly for Naxx? We’ve been doing bi-weekly (BWL/MC/AQ40 week A, Naxx day 1/2 week B) to give raiders breathing room and enough time to farm consumes. Did add Spiderwing to our AQ40 day for the first time this week too.

I hope they merge ALL servers before or upon Fresh launch but am not that optimistic.

PTR are free to play.

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True true but with PVE you will never be able to transfer to PVP server in the future. At least with PVP you have the option to choose…To each of his own of course.

I mean, farming is pretty easy now that there isn’t all the competition from gold farmers and what not. Honestly, the only part that’s getting old is trying to find healers for AQ40 hint hint :wink:

I know but still, for some of our part-time Classic era players farming for consumes weekly is a bit tough. Your raid times are a bit too early for me or I would transfer a 60 healer from PVE west over there.

Does this mean cross-realm? The Oceanic PvE server certainly needs it, as we currently haven’t got the population for raids, not even the 20 mans. We can only level alts for so long.