WoW Classic Era - “Not A Bug” List - Updated April 22, 2021

Not sure if I’m reading this correctly, but I am getting a soul shard back when taking a flight path, and my void walker is my main pet, always out.

Secondly, and I really can’t remember if this was a thing or not, but when I use the create minor soulstone spell I expect to use mana. However, I am also being charged the same mana cost when using the created soulstone on either myself or another player. Is that supposed to happen?

The extra mana is no longer being charged. Original post happened before/during a server maintenance.

Otherwise, thanks for bringing us Classic. Good going and keep up the good work.

I managed to tame Death Flayer a rare Scorpion in Durotar however he didn’t come with any abilities. I didn’t realize it until I was lvl 21 and still only had growl. I decided to go tame a Venomtail scorpion to see what abilities that pet had and it had Scorpid poison and Claw rank2. I then tried to train my rare scorpion these abilities but the game said that “this pet isn’t able to learn this ability.” Can we look into this please I absolutely love the skin on this scorpion and don’t wanna loose it because he has no pet abilities. I submitted a ticket regarding this issue and they went me to post on this forum page. Thank you for your time.

This error occurs if you log out with a pet summoned, log back in, then take a flight. that particular pet won’t refund a shard.

1/2 improved ghost wolf talent does not reduce ghost wolf cast time by 1 second presently

Is there any chance the community could see this “reference client”? Is there an assumption made that there are no bugs on the reference client?

There are retail vanilla PvP videos of people with low ping that show a shorter leeway range than what we see in classic wow.

Have you reconciled classic wow with your own patch notes regarding trap/scatter DR? Your patch note says that freezing trap now shares DR with "similar effects’. Scatter shot is not a “similar effect”

In this context the reference client is an unaltered version of 1.12. So it could have bugs, but those bugs would be consistent with bugs we had when 1.12 was live.

There is literally no way they would ever let anyone outside the company look at their material. They don’t even let the public know their server side data.

They have already changed and added stuff, this argument is moot. What if it was not bugged for the majority of vanilla wow pre 1.12?

I don’t know whether this is a bug or it is working as intended but :

  1. (As hunter) I shot target, send pet, target running towards me, pet taunt, target still running towards me but has my pet in their target frame…the delay between pet’s taunt and target stop running towards me and focus on pet is like 1 sec
  2. When pet on Defensive mode, they will stay at killed-corpse for like 1-2 sec before running back at me. But when on Passive mode the running back “delay” won’t happen
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No Blizzard. Granted I did not play all of Vanilla and only started just before BC but I don’t remember this bug happening so frequently. Did it happen? Yes but not at the rate it is currently happening. I mean, killing back to back mobs, having about 12 to 20 glittering corpses but none of them dropping a thing at all? No, I don’t remember it that way.

I’m not making an argument, just stating what they are doing. You asked what the reference client was. I answered.

How could they make scatter dr freeze trap? It wasn’t like that in vanilla. It’s not like we’re abusing some cc chain. Scatter is my way of reliably landing a trap since 2005 and getting some distance.
The infuriating part about the dr is that mages still have full duration sheeps.

You don’t know what the reference client is, no one does. For all you know they are just saying that to pacify people. When looking at Classic Wow; there is plenty of stuff wrong with how certain classes/mechanics played for the vast majority of wow and even specifically in the 1.12 client. You seem like you are just blindly accepting that what ever Activision says is true.

This is definitely how the game worked back then. In fact I recall reporting the opposite, that mobs with no loot did not have a loot window, on private servers, because they had it wrong.

The reference client is 1.12. This is pretty straightforward. It’s the 1.12 data and code they dug up. It’s not like that’s a hard to believe thing. It’s not unheard of to restore an old version of a program.

Look around for “how much you can trust memories”. You would see that there are studies all over the place with people remembering things in GREAT DETAILS that pretty much NEVER HAPPENED.

This is why they went back and dug up old stuff and didn’t recreate stuff based on what they remember.

In classic hunters can not use feign+trip combo. is it a bug or not ?
If that is a bug i will keep play hunter,waiting for fix. Lots of hunters are talking about that in the forums. Plz give us a answer.


I believe that people were confusing the deadZone with minimum range, as that is not working correctly either, the tooltip says 8 and is functioning only at 11+ yards. Currently the distance you cannot shoot a target is ridiculously far.

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For some reason it’s only if you have a pet out, the pets are broken. They keep agro no matter what.

I’ve noticed that the dead zone is considerably larger.
I’ve also noticed that my auto shot clips during hunters mark and other abilities and auto shot randomly turns off.

Why is there a huge addendum of bugs and not a bug for hunters only? Should I even play this class with this huge flashing red warning sign?