WoW Classic Era - “Not A Bug” List - Updated April 22, 2021

Two of them are clearlya bugs. If you click to DO something. You expect character to DO it not to just stand on its place in one frame of non animating. It looks buggy, I checked cause I played Vanilla/Stress test and always was displeased with the fact that there is no animation for opening or salvaging or piclocking, etc.
Inconsistency in one logic is always a bug, in any game, in any application. If you go to the place of your interest on a bus every day, and you always have a sit. But suddenly randomly this bus will not have a sits at all, this is inconsistency and thus making it buggy and annoying.It doesn’t bring learning situation or some kind of patter, cause it’s random and you can’t know when this bus will have sits and where it will not.
Whatever. People who create addons will fix that for them. Cause it is stupid to leave it as it is.

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That dead zone. I never had a problem with that dead zone. Unless I died.

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Hi All,

I’ve just updated the OP with the following:

  • The chest at the end of the encounter with The Seven in Blackrock Depths does not prompt a loot roll. Beware of Ninjas!
  • Shield Slam and other off-hand abilities does not proc extra attacks from Windfury.
  • Logging into World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth while playing WoW Classic on the same game account will disconnect you from WoW Classic. This is true in reverse as well.
  • Other players do not see a Hunter’s quiver on their back.
  • Hunters can sometimes experience a slight delay before recasting Auto Shot after moving.
    • Note: There is a hidden “retry” timer that occurs if the hunter is moving when the normal swing timer finishes. This timer checks for hunter movement before trying to resume auto shot, and this timer refreshes every 500ms when the hunter is moving. This means that if a Hunter is moving and stops moving just after this timer refreshes, you need to wait until this retry timer checks again to validate that you are no longer moving before you resume casting auto shot. This is not a result of spell batching or server heartbeats, and is specific to the functionality of a Hunter’s Auto Shot and is consistent with Auto Shot functionality on the Reference client

Great. If you paid to put classic on another account you can but right now your unable to attend your mythic raid and not lose your login to the server. Please god don’t tell me this is permanent.

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Agreed. Not letting us not be able to log into both is pure evil.

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I’ve been in queue for Classic for over 4.5 hours and suspect i have another 2 or 3 to go. I have things to do in BfA but cant because I’ll loose my spot in line. I’d understand you cant be logged into a character on each; I don’t understand why you couldn’t be in line for one and playing the other. Hopefully queue times go away quick or this is fixed.

What about the boats not running on several servers???

currently playing on Deviate Delight and I know other servers having same issue… seems like all the servers that were brought online today 8/26/19… any reason boats and Zep not working? any info is greatly appreciated

It has always been the case that if your game account is logged into another client while you are currently logged in, you will be disconnected. BFA and Classic are two versions of the same game that share login credentials. They aren’t different games like WoW and Overwatch.

For Combo Point classes (Rogues and cat Druids): changing target clears combo points. This is not a bug; it is standard vanilla behavior.

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I dont see my bug report in your list there, where terrain is obstructing the ability to “Target Next Enemy” (terrain should not be doing this, just like the old days). I’m glad cause I am pretty sure it is a feature of the new client… and should not be part of Classic imo (it can make the difference between life and death for my characters).

I wish Classic and Retail could be played at the same time. I like to play multiple games at once. Even now, I have a Steam game open while I am waiting around in Classic, and visa versa when I wait for stuff in the steam game.

The not being able to be logged into classic, and retail, at the same time needs changed. You shouldn’t be forced to choose which one you want to play. It would be nice to be able to work on classic leveling, or a profession, while waiting on a dungeon queue, on retail, for instance. There is no logical reason for this, other than Blizzard’s typical you don’t know what you want attitude.

Added the following to the list above:

  • Non-targeted, group, or AoE buffs will not affect party or raid members if you are flagged for pvp and your party or raid members are not flagged for pvp, or vice-versa.
  • It is much easier to not get quest credit for escort quest objectives in WoW Classic than in Battle for Azeroth. Follow your NPC allies closely to ensure quest credit is obtained!
  • Monsters will respawn more aggressively when reduced past certain thresholds of their original populations in many areas of the game. This is working correctly and is consistent with the reference client.
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My hunter will swing his quiver as a two handed axe. I trained for two handed axes, and when I switch between range and melee I will find my self hitting the enemy with my hands around the arrows and them still in the quiver.

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I didn’t know this was ever a thing, that’s pretty cool. So this means solo questing in some areas with a lot of players is more difficult than with fewer players around?

I did the same thing… though now sometimes there is just no loot. So i think some mobs just don’t drop something sometimes.

Are mobs that try to flee walking away in the same direction where you were damaging not a bug? I seem to remember being able to “control” mobs you were damaging, meaning that when they flee they’d walk away in the opposite direction of you. At least as of now in Classic, they walk right through you sometimes. Just wondering…

People used to say that, but I found it to be untrue even back then.

I’ve been experiencing a bug with my quests. Sometimes I will be in the middle of progressing a quest and then it will just disapear from my quest log. I’ve had to do the “Hypercapacitor Gizmo” quest 5 times in order to complete it, and when I did I had to get a group of 5 to hold aggro on the mob long enough for me to go re-pickup the quest.

Hunter FD and Trap combo needs to be fixed. FD is not automatically dropping combat so a window of time is allowed for an enemy player to attack keeping the hunter in combat. This effectively makes hunters useless in pvp. Its well documented that in vanilla FD would immediately drop combat.