WoW Classic Content Unlock February 12

Great news everyone! AV is still broken!


Remind me what the level 50 quests were. I don’t remember them.

?? Mc has been out for half a year already. 7 months of mc is plenty of time my friend.


Sunken temple, mostly good for warriors with the broken trinket

Hopefully they tune it properly this time so we don’t have AQ40 released before Summer starts.

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So what?

Why should having everyone decked out in T1 be a requirement to release BWL?

Many many people have cleared Ony and MC multiple times even if they don’t have much loot.


Bwl is a warm up raid anyway, only the true bads won’t be able to clear it regardless of gear


Ironic statement even if it’s just for flavor.

Either way, one step closer to ZG hype!


OK, now fix AV Honor Rates.



i’m glad the hungry gamers are getting more content. i’m comfortable with what we currently have, but I have noticed a lot of guildmates pining for more raid content.


Was just responding to the “4-5 months is a standard raid tier.” Sure it is… but this isn’t retail where people get full purples in 2 weeks.

Never said it was a requirement. Hell I’m sure people will be clearing Naxx in level 58 greens anyway.

Retail and classic are two separate games. Why should the classic playerbase have to wait longer because of retail?

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You don’t need full tier one for bwl.


You’re aware that the BGs and BWL are technically in the same phase, right?

Never said you did. See my previous reply to the other guy.

I was around in 2004. I raided BWL when it launched… when Vael had a respawn timer too.

Was just making a statement… LOL

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All if this is true, but you forget one thing. 1.12 is where stats were upped, you didn’t have that type of power you did back then. BWL will be easy for any decent guild.


Oh just read it starts in february mid

yeah that is perfect.

Point is, it doesn’t matter if people are in full tier one or not. A standard raid tier doesn’t normally last longer then 6 months at most. This is 5 and a half months. Seems fine. And even members of my guild who are raiding are mostly geared and ready for bwl and they got a late start.

Yay, thanks guys! Excited for BWL! And interested to see the 50 class quests. But, WHEN DO WE GET AB? :frowning:

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