WoW Classic Closed Beta Has Returned

(Skribby) #21

There is a LOT more than just streamers invited, streamers were practically the only ones playing the entire closed beta, everyone else dropped off.


Blizz just let us all in, you know you want to.


Awesome! I look forward to hopping on it again and using the template for a Druid =D!!


Wow. Blizzard is having another beta round to make the game better for everyone, and this is your reaction?

I am super excited about the release, and happy that another round of bug fixes can be addressed.

(Zukai) #25

Are we going to have another end of the world event? :wink:


Because the only people playing by the end of the last test were streamers. There weren’t enough people to actually test anything.


How many new tester will be added among the previous testers for this short testing period ?


Well, since you know all the facts, you must work at Blizzard, stop giving yourself such a hard time!


Wish I can help retest. I would of course have to have a beta key. lol


can you guys just open up the beta please, I cant speak for everyone but, Im holding my breath for WoW Classic, give us some air!!!


How do I know if I have beta access? I have the beta option on my launcher but the PLAY button is greyed out. Anyone know?


Not-so-subtle attempt at allowing streamers to showcase the game prior to launch.

But whatever, the more players that get into Classic the merrier!


Really weird. Sucks its closed still and I’m assuming that no one else will get an invite. Honestly it concerns me slightly that they think the launch with layering might not go as smooth as they intended.

They must REALLY need to test more changes to their layering tech because the idea of keeping it still closed and just making people templates with the ability to level 5 levels is clearly just incentive to get people to play for the 4 days.


invite please Mr Blizzard man :slight_smile:


What they need is more stress testing, Ques were a rude awakening for Herod, the servers are going to get destroyed come launch day.


What an odd thing to reopen a “closed beta” less than 2 weeks before launch. Why not just open it to everyone for more stress testing?


Thank you so much. I can’t wait to continue testing.

(Nakadashi) #38



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(Congelatore) #40

Looks like the Classic Publicity Hype Stunt Beta Servers are opening up to hype and promote “test” the already ready to go game.