WoW Classic Beta Alterac Valley Test Info

I’m staring at my original WoW box from 15 years ago and am ready to test. Invite pls.

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Because this realm is limited to Ogrimmar, Stormwind and AV can you please consider allowing those in the stress test pool be allowed to participate in this as well.

I’m going to just say it, I have better things to do than lose to the Horde because they outnumber us on the Beta servers. My idea of a good day isn’t seeing Horde wins all day. Its why last time I queued for AB I forgot I queued for it because it took so long. Also invite more people to the other servers even if it means boosting them to 20 or whatever level works the best.


Definitely not. The map has been adjusted a number of times since then, and the boss stats etc are different. There’s only one win condition: Killing the Generals. And IIRC, you can recapture towers.

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Your wrong with the talents as one of the main reason people were asking for lvl 40 was that it allows them to test all the talents even if it meant not having them all. I’m just happy that I don’t have to spam Conjure: Water

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Would be great if they allowed stress testers to participate in this.

AB testing didn’t go as smoothly compared to WSG testing due to people being unable to get queues to pop a lot of the time. I saw streamers in queues for as long as 6 hours before they gave up.

Plus this is a 40v40 BG so the more the merrier I say.

The AV test realm this weekend will be on the Normal ruleset. You’ll be able to create characters of both factions, and we encourage you to do so!


Send out more beta invites for crying out loud.

Your free-advertisement (streamers) are nearly begging for more people.


Stress Testers going to be part of this?

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Can’t wait to test out AV, thank you for the opportunity!

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Now this will be fun!


Imo, you know what is better than just testing AV; STRESS testing AV - so you should probably open this up for those with a stress test invite too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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For real! Hahaha

Quite loudly, in fact


They need to keep some surprises for later. Plus I bet it ensures no one will be able to gain access to the things Blizzard does not want them to see yet.

I don’t have Beta access but I was there on the Stress Test, could I possible join the Field of Strife server ?

People would cry all day on this forum if they did. Im on the PvE realm, and theres a reason its emptier. People desperately want to play on the realms with the streamers. The number of us that want to avoid them is much smaller than it seems.

No matter what they say on this beta forum…

They want to play with the streamers. Trust me. Reality doesn’t lie. If you opened up only PvE server beta testing, roughly 3/4ths of the people would be crying that they can’t go play with Asmon. They pretend that they hate the streamers, but in reality…

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The wording here makes it sound like current beta testers, as in not stress test, but some clarification would be nice mainly because the client is still accessible by stress testers and of course the question of “will there be more invites?”

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If I had beta I’d actively be trying to avoid that. Even Tips acknowledged that Streamers can disrupt legitimate testing at times. And besides, people gon’ cry cause people gon’ cry.

I don’t doubt that there is a decent proportion of players who do. And another swath of Private Server players, who immediately chose PVP, because any decent sized Private Server was PVP.

That doesn’t change the fact that the PVE server would benefit from more population, especially given a lack of streamers interfering with testing.

Was in an AB queue for 4 hours last night. Alliance rather gank level 35s leveling still for honor than queue. An entirely new server that people have to go sit in a dead world waiting for pops?

Good luck with this blizzard.

You realize the only thing available all weekend is AV right? They are turning all other beta servers off outside of this testing. So your beta options are to do AV, or not do beta at all.

And relevant to the PvP vs PvE servers listed above. I rolled PvP on beta specifically because more people would be there, so you have more options for questing/dungeons/etc. On live I will go PvE because there is no limit to amount of people playing and the server will have plenty of people regardless of streamers.

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