WoW Classic Beta Alterac Valley Test Info


For Authenticity, people need to AFK inside AV and test the reporting system.


Not one mention about previous stress testers or additional invites going out just for this testing phase. I think some transparency would help at least once or twice a year.

(Elroysteve) #24

Why would it need to be tested? Isn’t it going to be the same as the current game minus resources?


Would have been cool if they extended this to the stress test. Otherwise not really all that interested. Streamers and their playthings will have a blast though I’m sure.

August can’t come soon enough.


That was per faction number as I recall. So just with the beta realms, you’re looking at a pool of about a 700 to 1,000 player concurrency per faction. Given AV is all they’re going to be able to do, that should translate to a dozen+ AV’s running concurrently.




I haven’t played AV in many years now and i have no idea whats different about it currently. I’m interested in seeing some game play of it, see how much i remember.


That is not the point of this test. It’s to test AV. Not full 60 abilities.


I don’t see why not. They have plenty of time to do it since it won’t come out until a later phase. What else are they going to do between release and AV? Fixing bugs I would think, so give them AV to do as well.


It’s not that they don’t have time…

It’s that it isn’t a good idea to do it. There is no data for it, it’s a more imabalanced map, it’s a waste of time considering most would get bored with the long AV’s just like they did back in the day, it was widely less popular which is why blizzard changed it in the first place.

I can go on but that’s the gist of it. The only things people who want it have to offer is opinions and not data to support why this AV would be better.

(Lahgtah) #33

/e has reported you for AFK. To avoid getting removed from the group, type /afk now!



I’m staring at my original WoW box from 15 years ago and am ready to test. Invite pls.


Because this realm is limited to Ogrimmar, Stormwind and AV can you please consider allowing those in the stress test pool be allowed to participate in this as well.

I’m going to just say it, I have better things to do than lose to the Horde because they outnumber us on the Beta servers. My idea of a good day isn’t seeing Horde wins all day. Its why last time I queued for AB I forgot I queued for it because it took so long. Also invite more people to the other servers even if it means boosting them to 20 or whatever level works the best.


Definitely not. The map has been adjusted a number of times since then, and the boss stats etc are different. There’s only one win condition: Killing the Generals. And IIRC, you can recapture towers.


Your wrong with the talents as one of the main reason people were asking for lvl 40 was that it allows them to test all the talents even if it meant not having them all. I’m just happy that I don’t have to spam Conjure: Water

(Onni) #38

Would be great if they allowed stress testers to participate in this.

AB testing didn’t go as smoothly compared to WSG testing due to people being unable to get queues to pop a lot of the time. I saw streamers in queues for as long as 6 hours before they gave up.

Plus this is a 40v40 BG so the more the merrier I say.

(Kaivax) #39

The AV test realm this weekend will be on the Normal ruleset. You’ll be able to create characters of both factions, and we encourage you to do so!

(Majeye) #40

Send out more beta invites for crying out loud.

Your free-advertisement (streamers) are nearly begging for more people.


Stress Testers going to be part of this?


Can’t wait to test out AV, thank you for the opportunity!