WoW Classic 1.13.6 PTR Patch Notes

I believe Blood Fury is melee attack power only as well.

Please remove the healing power scaling with Diamond Flask. It’s stupidly broken and was obviously not intended in original WoW.


Please don’t rush naxx.


lol i just hate when people don’t play the game the same way that i do haha

Dude relax, I’m sure someone somewhere cares about speedruns lol. Why are you so fragile?

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lol sorry man… Lol… i just absolutely HATE it when people play the game the way they want to

Why are you guys crying about AQ40? It’s been out for months. No one cares about spoiling the raid anymore… that’s long over.


But if I don’t run the 15-year-old raid really really fast and tell them about it, who will acknowledge me as a good player?!


The faster naxx gets here is the faster we can start what were all here for and thats TBC


These are really big changes in philosophy, and I hope exactly what is being covered by these changes in philosophies is expanded upon in detail. There’s a number of bugs and issues, some unaddressed, some left as-is because “no changes”, that would be covered by these.

Interestingly, although I don’t know if this would be a good idea to do or not, but that first quote is the exact reason that there was a 8/16 debuff limit at all.

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Nothing on AV, eh? Well that’s par for the course.


Was just going to post something asking about AV. Beat me to it. #sigh.


They call me Quickdraw McGraff!

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bipolar FURIOUS at even the THOUGHT of guilds speedrunning on ptr again (even though they don’t care about speedruns as a parserunning guild)

LOL! You get a dot! And you get a dot! Everybody gets a dot!

people who speed run ptr are on another lvl of sweat…


hey check out our latest time! there was no reason to speedrun bwl when people could ptr it repeatedly! no one wanted to do that!

p.s. you find a new guild yet? since we ran tempest off the server and all :stuck_out_tongue:

How so? The current rumor is Naxx in December.

I just copied my hunter over to PTR with Ony buff and it is not seemingly granting me any extra AP.

maybe it need to be re-applied