WoW Books on Audible

Hey, gang! :smiley: I use Audible and noticed that there are several World of Warcraft audibooks on there. And, well, I was wondering if any are worth listening to? I don’t mean in terms of the narrator but rather the content.

I asked my guild about this the other day and one or two people warned me against these books. I was told that they’ve been retconned a lot, for example.

What do you think and what books would you suggest?


I think they’re entertaining. I read the War of the Ancients Trilogy, Illidan, and another book that was three stories in one but I can’t find the name of it. I’d definitely recommend those two i do remember.

(Not sure how much has been retconned in each tho)

Just putting these here in case anyone comes along who hasn’t heard them yet:


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Who cares if they’re retconned, some of them are still a good story.

Arthas is great and I quite enjoyed rise of the horde as well.

I read a couple warcraft books a long time ago, they were incredibly mediocre in terms of writing. It has, however, been some years, so who knows if the quality has improved.

Some of the SUPER DUPER old books? Yeah those have been minor retconned, but are still good listens.

Recent ones? nah those are all still canon.

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Don’t look to them as a canon lore database. Things may have changed since they were published.

That said, If you’re a fan of WoW’s characters (not even the story – character development is mostly what you get out of these), many of them will be worth reading for the entertainment value.

I’m not picky with media in general, but I enjoyed Arthas, Wolfheart, Tides of War, Illidan, The Shattering, Dawn of the Aspects (yes, even with Knaack writing it), and even War Crimes (even if the premise of a trial was dumb to begin with).

Tides of War might be my favorite.

I am pretty lore-ignorant and was hoping that I could get kind of started through these. Is that possible if I start at book one, for example? I am looking at Audible and in the Warcraft series I see Well of Eternity as book one. What do you think?

Fun fact, you can listen to/read most/all these books for free online legaly.

Look up Rakuten Overdrive and get a public library card. Looking at Before the Storms audio book on the site now.

If you care at all about WoW lore, absolutely they’re worth reading. One of my big criticisms about WoW for the past few years is that so much solid, important narrative is implied in game, but really fleshed-out in external media (shorts, stories, comics, etc.). Now yes, your guild people are not wrong - there have been retcons (Med’an obviously comes to mind), however I’m not aware that there have been many retcons outside the comics. AFAIK, all the novels are still canon - however, as we’ve seen from the Chronicle, canon can also be an opinion or point of view. Chronicle was written by the Titans, so all we see therein is from their perspective. This means it’s all true, but can easily be massaged or changed or proved false in future games.

My strong recommendation is to read the books. By and large they’re wonderful. I personally did not like War Crimes at all, because the idea of putting Garrosh on trial when we’ve simply killed every other baddie to that point seemed inane. However, it served a larger narrative purpose (whether I liked the direction of MoP into WoD or not), and the book is the only way of getting that full story. The books are absolutely worth the read.

Like you, I’ve used Audible for years and many of my WoW books are from there. War Crimes, Jaina, Illidan, the Warcraft Movie books - Durotan and movie novelization - each has been well performed, and certainly worth it. There are others that I don’t have on audio that I have physically. Arthas, War of the Ancients, Rise of the Horde, Dawn of the Aspects - again, all great books.

For me, I presume all are canon, and am not concerned with retcons. If that’s a concern for you, I’d say to specifically search out what has been altered in the intervening years - I’m sure there’s a list out there. But yeah dude - keep reading! Audible has been amazing not only for getting books read, but reading during my commute and play sessions. Always glad to see people doing this!

Because the lore of Warcraft is so expansive, I don’t think there’s a need to start at “1.” (Of course, starting there works just fine.) Personally, though, I’d pick a character (or event) you’re particularly interested in, and find some books that feature them heavily.

Im listening to Before the Storm on Audible at the moment during my commute, its brilliant so far

Over all they are good Knack is special with his writing, but it is fun. Oh and prepare for some serous green Jesus shenanigans.