WoW! Blackwing Lair Cleared in 42 Minutes!

free level boosts?

Why would I be jealous of someone speed clearing 15 year old content?


Blizzard should have scaled the raids to allow for min/maxing etc to actually provide a challenge. 42 minutes is just stupid. Shortly we will have people moaning about releasing TBC next week… again.


I feel like this post perfectly embodies Blizzard’s detachment from it’s fanbase. It’s not really even about people caring or not caring whether it’s cleared or not, but that it’s being flaunted by a blue.

It’s like, ok?

Is this really what Blizzard is now?


Then why say anything at all? The very fact that you felt the need to come to this thread and post “The race was already won 15 years ago.” suggests otherwise.

A non-jealous person would have read this and either thought, oh that’s cool or just moved along. No! you felt the need to comment.

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Classic was made 15 years ago. It will last. Maybe cut back servers but it will be there for a long while.

Because bragging about “world firsts” in Classic is just silly. This isn’t a new game; it is a recreation of an old one.


why are you here then?

You people find any reason to complain, it’s sad really and I feel sorry for you.


Why am I playing the game? Because I didn’t play Vanilla, so this is a new experience for me.

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What upsets me more, is that these Guilds worked hard preparing, practicing and gearing for this and someone comes in and tries to turn that hard work into some meaningless event.

I think it is repulsive, reprehensible, and just plain rude.


Classic is about having fun. They could have tried to make the raids more challenging but can you imagine the rage on these forums if they’d done that? There are many guilds that will struggle in BWL.

Because the only logical reason for your foul attitude is envy, fueled by jealousy.

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Claiming world firsts in Classic takes away from the people who achieved the true world firsts in Vanilla. People who didn’t have 15 years worth of fore knowledge of every aspect of the game. How do you think they feel?


yeah planning and executing is a big deal… u should try it sometime urself on ur own game and execute on fixing this trash pvp yall got going on… cuz ur basically executing ur own game pun intended

Actually I find all this amusing, but keep on making assumptions.

Exactly and don’t forget childish.

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On the other hand I find this kind of information, fun, interesting, and exciting!
Thanks Kaivax!

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I think they feel just fine. And don’t try to take some moral high ground here.

Those individual were Vanilla World Firsts, and today we have the new Classic World Firsts.


Making you narcissistic. What a life :joy: