<WoW Addicts> is recruiting!

is a social Guild geared towards helping on another out. We are not a competitive progression Guild though we do intend to have PvP and PvE events. If you work full time, or just can’t find the time to dedicate but would like to participate in a raid once or twice a week if you can make it without pressure, than we’re the Guild for you. Striving to keep each member feel involved and appreciated, we rarely leave a call for help unanswered. We typically don’t kick for vulgarity unless you’re just being hateful, so feel free to let loose, you won’t get kicked for an “F” bomb or some stupid joke (unless your blatantly being a bigot). Our current goal will be the same as most, helping one another achieve level 70 and preparing for the dangers that dwell in the Outlands! We are prepared! Whisper any member of the Guild for an invite!