Wouldn't The Emerald Dream by One Landmass?

The Emerald Dream is what a perfect version of Azeroth would look like without the influence of the Old Gods, Titans, and outside influences. Though the new zone is on an island, lore-wise, shouldn’t it be like Old Kalimdor? One landmass?

The Dragon Isles have always been separated from Kalimdor.


Pretty sure the intent is that what we see in the new zone is only a part of the Dream and not the Dream in its entirety. To explore the Dream in its entirety, at least based on the lore, would take an entire expansion’s worth of content. Blizzard seems content with just giving us snippets of the Dream instead.


Considering that Teera and the Maruuk centaur made their way on foot (hoof?) from their old location on Kalimdor to the Dragon isles, guided by Ohn’ahra, I don’t think so.

From my understanding the Emerald dream is a fluid manifested reality from a dreamer who dreams up this reality.


That’s impossible if they meant that literally. War Of The Scaleborn confirms it’s a separate landmass.

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The Emerald Dream was thought unpolluted by anyone but the Titans by Cenarius but after the War of the Ancients pollution clearly started seeping in.

According to the ingame Books found in the Dream the Emerald Dream is one of the Gardens of Life even though Freya shaped a part of it(the size of Supercontinent Kalimdor from Pre-Sundering) into an ideal Blueprint of Azeroth.

If I understand correctly, the Dream is a dimension built from the collective consciousness of all living beings. Every time we’ve seen bits and pieces of it, it represents only a small fraction of a nearly infinite and ever-changing cosmos.

Last time we saw an expansion based around a potentially infinite dimension with limitless potential, it was Shadowlands. And SL’s take on the afterlife was one of the smallest, least creative and least interesting I think I’d ever seen. Even Saints Row: Gat Outta Hell did better, and that game was a standalone gag DLC for a gag game.


That’s more metaphorically than literally true. The Emerald Dream was like Un’Goro, a scratchpad to test concepts rather than being a literal beta version of Azeroth.

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It could have been close enough to be reachable at low tide - there’s a few islands like that irl

It was my understanding that the Dragon Isles was part of everything else before the sundering.

Water walking is a thing…

The DF cinematic clearly shows the isles being separate from the Kalimdor super-continent when the caretakers were looking out over the ocean. The green-colored thunder storm in the distance is the Legion invading through the Well of Eternity.