Wouldn't making Berserk/Incarn baseline fix Guardian?

Granted I understand that it wouldn’t solve the major issue of immediately dying to Magic damage, but overall it would prevent the overly bloated talent tree and would allow for more defensive options.

Kind of like how they moved Divine toll for Paladins freeing up 2 points for them. Making Berserk baseline OR even just adding one or both of the effects into it would genuinely help a lot. Gives you an opportunity to either grab the other defensives like Pulverize/Raze, or even spec further down into Ursoc’s Fury which further enhances overall mitigation.

Not sure how game breaking it would be be but having to put 2 points into Berserk never felt good anyways, especially with how other classes big cooldown talents are placed. Usually you get the talent, and then right under it is the option to enhance it/change how it works overall.

Hell even making Incarn in the Druid tree would be a better alternative to what we have.