Would Be Nice To Have Higher Population Here

I started playing a long time ago on the realm Shandris. The realm was released in preparation for The Burning Crusade and was recommended to new players. I made my character and away I went.

I had a lot of fun times on Shandris. I was in a great guild named Merciless in those days. Now I log on to barely any activity. There are guilds, but looking at WoWProgress, the only guild doing anything higher end is Horde.

Everyone transferred off Shandris over the years and eventually Bronzebeard and Shandris were merged together. Problem is, it’s not enough. The realm is dead. The AH is dead. Everything is a ghost town.

Sure, find a guild of like-minded people one could say. That’s true, but at the same point, it’s hard for a guild to truly push new content and succeed with such a low pool of players to choose from.

I have 6 level 120 characters over here, and they are all Alliance. Each would cost me $55 to transfer and faction change to the realm I think suits me well. Everytime I login on another realm and begin leveling again, I just get discouraged a few levels in, thinking about all the work to build what I already have on a dead realm, and then I log out.

It’d be nice if Blizzard would do something to increase our population. If they’re not, I hope they consider bundled transfers for multiple characters at once.


I’m quitting the game as a whole. I’m older now, Classic wasn’t so fun, and Shandris/Bronzebeard is dead. I can’t get past the tiring feeling of leveling 6 level 120 characters elsewhere again. I’ve tried so many times.

Classic was great! To each their own. Played Shandris in Vanilla and BC. Remember seeing Merciless around especially in BC in Shat.

Blizzard made modern WoW so heavy cross realm friendly it is one of the things that turned me off and kept me in Classic. Good time to move on. I’ll probably do the same once my guild clears Naxx. Was in RC on Shandris and already done the entirety of BC content. Mostly…lol

Doesn’t seem too dead now thanks to the combined servers. Fast dungeon groups, busy channels, etc.