WotLK (Vanilla) endgame MM guide

Earlier this evening, while leveling this character to re-experience the good ol’ Lich King days, I remembered I had made this video guide.

/DUI8_kqiTP8 (if above doesn’t work)

I initially made this video for a guildie Priest who wanted to, “shoot really hard!” on her Hunter alt, which was well geared but she couldn’t DPS worth a damn. Last I checked this video had less than 40 views, now it has almost 4k after 12 years! :joy:

I don’t know if this video will be accurate for WotLK Classic, hell I don’t even know if I was even right in the video :disappointed:

…geezus, my fps…

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It helped me! I even played MM hunter and was absolute trash lol. I have learned a lot since then. I’m literally getting back into the classic feel and I missed it! Have a good one and yes it did help!

Just curious, why don’t you cast any arcane shots?