Wotlk Rogue vs ret

Not sure how to kill pallys

Cheap shot, evis, shadow dance, ambush, kidney

They hand of freedom to break the kidney, stun me

I trinket

Now what

I can blind but they have no reason to trink or bubble it since I do no damage without shadow dance

Idk how to force their cds. The hand of freedom stun break seems kinda lame

1v1? You don’t win against Ret. Ret is 1v1 king. Game was never intended to have balance around 1v1 anyway.

Against armored targets it’s always better to bleed, once you get more armor pen evis will feel a lot better. Your first dance should be enough to force trinket or bubble. But afterwards its all about delaying for your next dance, while denying any healing. Your goal is to get their hp as low as possible (without killing yourself) for your next dance.

I play imp gouge and it’s super clutch for running away.

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Blind for sure and reset.

Or use Improved Gouge + Sprint to go for a reset.

Or vanish and reset.

CS-KS stunlock is your friend.

Sub in S1 of WotLk is not going to benefit much with lower gear. This is because of Sinister Calling talent scaling. Rogue dodge chance in S1 is low because the gear is low too.

Sub Rogue in WotLK starts to come into its own in the following seasons. Until then you need to utilize expose armor and rupture and kite.

Even on live retail Rets are vulnerable to kiting. Only an experienced Ret knows how to deal with that. Especially in WotLK.

Shiv, Sprint, Rupture and expose armor are musts outside of shadow dance and stealth. Use Shadow step whenever you can to land five point ruptures too because Rets have high parry chance.

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You don’t. That’s the only class a rogue stands no chance against unless the ret is brain dead.

Sub dies to a lot of things 1v1 contrary to popular belief. All 3 plate classes if played well just outlast your cooldowns and eat you. Good Frost Mages and Destro Locks are all but literally impossible. Good hunters are really uphill etc., list goes on. Sub is a support spec in Wrath, through and through.

Sub is fine in WOTLK - resetting is a must and vanish the hoj or pre cloaking etc. Sub rogue is all about perfect trading of defenses and resetting.

Main problem about Ret paladin isnt the stun or dying in the stun. It’s the damage from ret aura killing the rogue before ret even does anything.

This isn’t true - it’s just not broken like TBC - Cata - Legion or SL Rogue. It still has substantial burst.

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Against like…other Rogues, non-Frost mages and like, low resil warriors maybe? If you’re wearing full PvP gear as a Rogue you aren’t bursting a lot of things, and in Arena (esp. 3’s) you generally are if you don’t want to get turned into paste when people look at you funny.

You only see Sub in Arena with casters, where it is arguably the best class in the game at holding someone still to get murdered, while also being hyper mobile and providing MS. Compared to the free-casting Mage or Shadow Priest or Warlock you ain’t doin’ anything but like, who cares? You’re why they get to free-cast and delete people.

I mean sure in 3s, but 2s is where WOTLK rogue shines - playing double dps with SP/Rogue/Mage.

3s is tough for rogue without a solid caster for the rogue.