WotlK, MoP and Legion

(Sieten) #1

We can all agree they were the best WoW expansions.
What did they have in common?
New classes.
But were they better for having new classes? No.
They were better because there was a focus on class design.
We experience the game through our characters, through the class specs we enjoy. If they’re not interesting, interactive and perform poorly compared to others, with no apparent pros for the cons, the whole game is seem as bad.

(Taienna) #2

MOP is the only expansion I think i really like.
But I didnt play when it was current so I dont know what the problems were at the time. I might have hated it then.
Its got the most personality of any part of the game and is just fun to play in.
Legion, for me anyway, isnt even in the same plane of existence as MoP.


Legion class design was as bad as BfA just with slightly more stuff so I’d leave that out, personally. In fact it was even worse since classes were murdered so thoroughly and we were not used to the changes yet.


I absolutely loathe what Blizzard did to classes in Legion. I love the artifact and class halls, but they ruined all of my favorite classes so it’s extremely bittersweet.


Me too, BfA is just Legion 2.0 for me. Class design is very important. I have to enjoy my class to enjoy any content. Ret was so fun in wotlk and sub rogue was always amazing, both ruined and turned into formulaic borefests.

So now I play my ‘ret’ and ‘sub’ in ESO with ultimate freedom.

Class fantasy = restrictive mundane gameplay = dead game.