[WotLK] Mob tagging is back and it will ruin launch

Hello, recently a youtuber leaked a video about how to exploit mob tagging to achieve absurd amounts of experience on the WotLK Beta.

Heres how it works:

2 players enter a dungeon. The character doing the boosting(B) is the leader of the group.
The leveling character (A) leaves the party and grabs a bunch of mobs in the dungeon and tags them. This character will receive the message ‘You are not in this instance’s group…teleporting to graveyard in 60 seconds’

Booster (B) can be a healer, or a dps, to ensure A has an easy and quick time soloing mobs in a way that would not be achievable on their own. They proceed to nuke the mobs, or heal A until everything is dead.

Anytime character A has 10 seconds left on the teleport, he will be invited back to the group and the message will disappear. He is then free to leave the group again.
Every mob that dies while he is outside the group will grant FULL experience as if he was not in a party.

This completely destroys the spirit of the realm first 80 achievements. This is blatant cheating, and if i remember correctly back in the day Athene was banned for doing this and the ability to do so was removed. However it is now back. I’m all for tanks and mages doing dungeons by themselves and getting the xp they earned. That part is fine.

What is not fine is using 2 characters to blast through a dungeon and get experience as if it was only 1 person doing it.

Please fix this before wrath launches.


I don’t see any problem with this.

God people just ruin the fun.

Wah Wah people arent leveling properly!!! Not fair!!

This also isnt that big of a deal.

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The whole game has become a rush to quit the game as fast as possible
WoW players are speed freaks


to solve the level boosting problems blizzard should sell you a level 80booost for $$
and to solve the gear boosting problems blizzard should sell raid items for $$$

i’m sure you’ll find every social media filled with players cheering at blizzard for such NEW Era of wow, we’re not at 2005 to waste time “this is the mentality of most players” so i’m pretty sure most of them will pay to buy in happiness or wait…aren’t that’s exactly what’s happening atm? tbcc was filled with gold buyers and gdkp rofl…

sir this is a wendys

You called it, it happened, now that streamer should get banned. He knew what he was doing was shady, streamed a run of UK, but showed his EXP bar from Classic… filth

i believe that world first scenario is different than what this topic is aimed at;

the guy in question went to a spot in icrecrown where specific mobs despawn and still give full exp before they are anywhere near dying, added ontop of that level 1s in his party dead nearby that boosted the party exp which all went to him.

way different exploit, and way more impactful.
blizzard hotfixed the world first exploit spot though so good luck getting from 71-80 in 9 hours like he did to obtain world first, even with this topic’s method.

you still never mentioned how it will ruin launch in your thesis

You might not do it in 9 but og wrath world first was via ops methiod as wasent that much slower.

This world first was removed and banned thou even after blizzard posted it was fine to do pre then doing it.

Should have jsut left open run dungeons really in place. OR rdf with a quest reward at the end.

They will track down workarounds till potential cata really.

it gets easier for them by retail chromie classic in SL classic one day.

level 50. that is when crap breaks and the old world no longer works for xp at all. 50’s go suffer in the afterlife.

till 50? 49 and 30 live in harmony in the same dungeon.

hell for a blast run good old RFC as a level 49. Had that once in LFD on a retail leveler. Did someone order a steamroller? Because you got one now! Full XP steam roll.

Retail LFD at this point scales xp to the player. you get level 30 xp if level 30, the level 25 gets 25 scaled xp.

waht makes it work is the rando quest is not party based. its player based. I see xp quest reward of 40K. for another player its 30K

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