[WotLK] Let's talk Dungeon Finder

I didn’t receive a survey for RDF. I don’t know anyone that did. Must have only sent out like 20 to a bunch of Classic Andies.

The amount of uproar I’m seeing from all facets of the internet and people telling Blizz to bring RDF is absurd. For you to simply ignore that means you are delusional beyond belief.


100% the Classic Community council is at fault, they are all Vanilla Purists.

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the community council is nothing but blizzard’s dogs, they’ll always follow blizzard directions.

the rdf have more pros than it’s cons, it bring solution to many problems already happening in tbcc but what can i say? brain dead people hate on something they don’t even understand!


Yikes! Perhaps you can’t read:

The version they chose to release

It doesn’t contain RDF. It’s a better version of the game where they ignored you and made better choices for Classic.

It’s apparently, “trolling”, “Childish”, “kookie”, something only “idiots” think, etc, etc, etc.

You’re crowd always ends up being condescending or attacking people personally because they can’t handle being wrong. I think Blizzard recognizes the hundreds of you that want this are the worst part of the game and they’re willing to have you leave and improve their community.

Nah, it’s because they listened to the community and kept adding conveniences. This time they aren’t making the same mistakes.

They have the benefit of hindsight and are choosing not to make terrible mistakes again. Luckily, retail is still available where the culmination of all their bad ideas still exist and players who want conveniences can still play the entire Wrath expansion.

People have always complained about blizzard’s decisions. Blizzard made this choice anyway because they know you folks will still pay and you’re still here. Doesn’t impact their revenue and improves the game.

Guess you don’t know a lot of people.

Glad they represent me. The game has been awesome!

This new direction is great! Blizzard is intentionally players who ruined this game the first time and making Classic better for it.

The video is from Apr 19. They discussed it. Then they made their decision. Here is their response Aug 8:

You can stick your fingers in your ears and ignore them but they are very clear on their intentions and you aren’t getting RDF.

are you sure? from my prospective the gdkp meta is harming the game more than anything else it leads to the insanity of real money trade that’s game killer.

and layers is worse than “group teleport to dungeon” layers was abused by people who destroyed the economy, it didn’t made wow as one world as what blizzard said, and it ruined the world pvp because people used it to skip"

should i mention the hackers and bots?

after all you’re praising blizzard for the great work about not bringing RDF!!! hey we’re not in April for such Joke


Blizzard didn’t create this.

Disagree completely. Layers may not be ideal but it doesn’t come close to being as bad as RDF.

Everyone hopes they continue to go after bots.

Yup! The game has been a great release and I’m having a lot of fun. I don’t expect perfection before I give praise, and the game is currently still fantastic without being perfect.

This is the thing people don’t seem to understand, how on earth does Dungeon Finder remove the social aspect when it does not silence you when you queue for a dungeon and enter it through Dungeon Finder? Sure, people can be quiet in Dungeon Finder, people do not have to talk.

I’ll put it this way, about 1 in 10 dungeons I have ran in Classic, someone was socializing, the rest were Anti-Social. On Retail, same thing, 1 in 10. Dungeon Finder didn’t destroy the social aspect of the game, people just changed because the entire game changed. Because the community just doesn’t want to engage with the content because Blizzard has lost it touch on what the content is truely supposed to feel like.

Take the borrowed powered we had in Legion, BfA and SL for example. Is the game supposed to be about Endless Grinds that doesn’t make sense for the game.

And people who says Dungeon Finder made things too simple, no, the stat squish that took place in WoD, BfA and the level squish that happened in SL, as well as the pruning of abilities that took place from WoD to BfA, simplified the game, and this was based on the devs decision, not the community.


Show me proof you got a survey for RDF.

If not then you are just a troll, I can tell by how condescending you are towards others.


Good luck with that one, they’ll probably make one up and make it sound like most people don’t want Dungeon Finder, or even tell you to Google it.

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You are inventing things.

Why would I do that when I don’t have to prove anything. Blizzard already did not include RDF and they are never adding it? It doesn’t matter how many people want it. They already ignored you and made the correct choice.

cool so we agree on this part and for that i’ll remind you that more than 100times blizzard said something then did back off, this been happening in past 20years in all their games since WC3

that’s what the blue post said but at one point they will suddenly and magically reverse what they said (lol at 2016 we’re not releasing old expansions then at 2018 we have great news!!! classic is coming)


They’ve also said many more things and not changed them.

What they said back then is unrelated. They weighed this decision over months. They acknowledged they were considering it all the way back in April. They responded matter-of-factly Aug 8 so you wouldn’t invest time in the game with a false expectation. If you’re still here, you have the resources available to you to know that you’re never getting RDF and choosing to stay anyway.

They recently said they are at active discussions about it still. Which means the plans may change and they may eventually add Dungeon Finder to Wrath Classic. Would you like me to link the video to show you the proof.


No they didn’t.

Tell me that Brian Birmingham, the lead dev of World of Warcraft Classic, didn’t again


Just an FYI, you’re arguing with a 3-day old toon that has made almost 300 posts, all anti RDF and very antagonizing. They don’t play the game and spend all their time here pissing people off.

They’re just trolling you, so don’t take the bait.


You said recent. I said they didn’t. You’re wrong. The video is from Apr 19. They discussed it. Then they made their decision. Here is their response Aug 8:

You can stick your fingers in your ears and ignore them but they are very clear on their intentions and you aren’t getting RDF.

i don’t mind if rdf existed or not, but i don’t agree on blizzard decision because i know there are tons of players in need for the RDF if to level with or to be able to run dungeons at max level instead of stressing their eyes on spam chat or use the useless in game gf tool.

however i’m still believing that rdf will surely arrive at one point in WotlkC because i stopped trusting blizzard words long time ago.