[WotLK] Let's talk Dungeon Finder

I’m not sure you actually read my post.

How do you figure?

Anyone who has played WoW long enough knows Blizzard has flipped on these controversial topics more often than they have not. It just takes them forever to do it but eventually they do. Just look at:

Covenant swapping
Conduit Power
Tier Sets
Account wide Essences
Corruption vendor
Tradable Azerite gear
Azerite respec cost
Azerite vendor

Just to name a few things from the latest 2 expansions where these topics were originally “settled” then changed later on.


Considering everyone who quit playing left around Firelands because it was too hard for most guilds and then following that up with dragonsoul and LFR i would say these were the two biggest factors.

Cataclysm was actually the best expansion of the game in my opinion and everyone who complains only seems to mention “the old world changed” which is just a few low level zones that don’t really matter at end game and the “talent trees” which are actually way more customizable versions of having talent trees than what we have in classic.

Going back to the topic… not having RDF is a terrible decision and undermines exactly why it was implemented in the first place. I guess Blizzard is just so out of touch they forgot their own reasons for doing things.

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The version they chose to release is the best version of wrath there ever was before they started introducing toxic harmful features. I look forward to playing it all the way through without RDF. I’ve been having a blast and appreciate the subtle tasteful things they adjusted. LFG tool is working great on my fresh realm.

Clearly. I was addressing the previous poster accusing them of

when just weeks ago they let everyone know what to expect for launch and phase one, so

Theyve said their peice on RDF for now and i imagine we wont hear about it till we’re in ulduar and it will be relevant to wether RDF is comeing with TOC ICC or not at all.

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Enough people did it for it to be noticeable.

Chores, watching youtube/twitch, playing other games, eating, exc.

I know a dps that i have played with since vanilla that uses the rdf tool to level his fishing while waiting. In wotlk he just sat in Dalaran and fished in the fountain. Once his fishing was leveled he just afked and would come back to jump/move every few minutes and he left his computers volume up really high. It got to the point one of our guildies would play that sound in ventrillo to get his attention when he was afk.

Also, at max level you can just queue up while you do your dailies or farm crafting materials or whatever.


Like a corrupt government holding an election on a Sunday at 2 AM over a holiday weekend. This is how Blizzard listened the community to remove RDF.

We are back from holiday. Time for the corrupt methods to be revoked.

Come out from under the rock.


How is that different than pugging now? If you’re a dps in a group LF1M tank you can just go afk and check in every few minutes.


False. The version they chose to release is a hybrid version cobbled together from bits and pieces of different patches. This version never, ever existed in a live environment before now.


And has multiple features which never exists in wrath at all.


Ill repeat what ion said: if you want rfd, you can play retail :slight_smile:

Wall of NO = we still have Classic.

And if you think the devs make good decisions why aren’t you playing retail?


Just because you’re repeating a troll doesn’t excuse you from being a troll.


You might play that way, but im still questing or doing things without rdf while forming a group.

I guess uts just a difference in players. One likes things handed to them, the other likes to get those things himself.

Because that game is designed for those who like convenience iver everything.

Classic is designed for those who like playing world of warcraft instead of world of queuecraft.

The point was that you can do the same with RDF while waiting for a group.

RDF does not require you to AFK in a city, just like how lack of RDF does not force you to go out in the world and do stuff instead of afking in a city.


Time to form a party in low level dungeon (Friends aren’t leveling alts or any guildies) 30min-1hour.

Wait at stone to start summoning for another 15-30 min because people are too lazy, just waiting on one person to show up but everyone is out in BFE questing.

An hour goes by, you finally get into the dungeon. Tank says brb, he’s afk for 15 minutes. Or someone randomly just says GTG! And then leaves, back to step 1 trying to find a player by spamming LFG every minute.

I have seen it waaaaay too many times in Classic. You are the group leader, spamming LFG forever. While everyone else in your party goes out questing or even AFKs (Watching YouTube/Twitch) just because there is no RDF doesn’t mean that people still don’t AFK doing this kind of stuff it happens all of the time.

All the while, you are getting messaged from players saying “I’ll heal you for Blues”.