WOTLK Heroic/Normal seperate will be a mistake

All I’m seeing is MicroBlizz limiting people what they can or can’t do and trying to stop subscriber loss when each phase is in the last stages.
Not a good decision, will be felt and be seen as a net loss in the long run.


So if a casual guild goes in and kill one boss on heroic and can’t continue to clear, they just lost their normal lockout for the week lmao? In what world does that make sense.


Correct and vice-versa, this is basically Blizz putting a roadblock to guilds that want to organically progress in THEIR OWN MANNER and only progress in the way they (Blizz) wish it so.
It’s very anti-freedom and limits the manner on how guilds can tackle raids, plus it ultimately locks down on guilds whether they want to focus on normal or heroic, and if they fumble the ball and see they understimated heroic they’re screwed out of the week for their fault (aside from 10 man but that’s excluding 15 other people, excluding a 25-man experience only down to a 10-man.)

There are many problems that will arise from this and I’m hoping ActiBlizz is able to re-chart their course on the lock-out system they’re introducing.

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25 heroics share a lockout with their normal counterpart and same goes for 10 man.

Personally I dislike this.


This is relevant to one phase only, so really doesn’t matter.

Plus they have already stated they are dedicated to looking into re-introducing the “toggle” effect so you can pick and choose which difficulty on each boss depending on progression / etc. If they get that right it wont be that big of an issue at all.

This. Listen to the players blizz. Quit solving things that aren’t problems.

I’d imagine they do dynamic difficulty like they had in icc before doing that. Switch per boss makes the most sense.

You do realize it was like this from ICC forward right? only ToGC didn’t have them share.

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Still dislike it, it limits gameplay.

I’d have to disagree with is the same amount of gameplay you had before and after.

No, you can’t do 10 man heroic if you’ve done 25 man heroic… that’s limiting gameplay.

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I think you misunderstand what is happening.

You can do both 10 man heroic and 25 man heroic. You can’t do 25 man normal and 25 man heroic.


They’re right you know.

You can do Heroic or Normal. Raid size doesn’t matter

Why do people always have awful takes and bad taste. Why would running NAXX 4 times a week instead of 2 be any fun?

Because RMT obviously

either way it limits gameplay.

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yeah for a raid that has no trash and bosses are not very hard i hope they change their mind and allow us to run normal and heroic in the same week

Raiding is supposed to be limited.

Anything that keeps Ulduar more relevant longer is music to my ears.

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