WOTLK doesn't need RDF

Too much has changed and has been lost that it will never be the same. Whatever they come up with will just behave similar to the standard MoP (just about all the other lizard game systems for that matter) system because the talent system is tied to the kinds of spells and abilities available, which have gone dramatic transformations over the years.
Nothing short of the 71-point talent system is going to satisfy me and I would be a fool to pay and play for a product I know isn’t up to my standards.

Highly subjective. It’s only your demographic’s view that it was a mistake shared by a group of programmers that are creating a conflict of interest that is the real culprit behind all these bad decisions that have gone on as of late.

My demographic feels it is the best thing that ever happen to WoW; they’re just choosing to favor yours over mine, that is all.

RDF is going to be needed when people realize they can’t do anything on their alts because everyone is paying to be ran through the dungeons because what few groups that are remaining required a gear score and your guild is busy raidlogging because they’re all buying gold so no reason to play outside of raids


Finally found someone on these forums that has common sense. +1.

might have missed my response not seeing those servers on the link you gave, where are those servers free transfers?


not really helpful posting a link to a list of other servers that I didn’t ask about.

I would also love to see this free transfer link for my horde toons trapped on Westfall. They keep yammering about these free transfers, but won’t share that link.

I doubt it even exists.


It was shared before.

For some reason. Blizzard didn’t pin it to keep it at the top of the threads…

Here it is again.

I also just bumped that thread to return it to the top for visibility.

he asked about Westfall can you show where it’s on that list. (Oh you cut that part out of his quote …)

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Can anyone who is more honest than Zipper produce evidence that they’ve ever offered transfers off lopsided servers? They aren’t at the moment and it doesn’t sound right, but I’ve never paid that close attention to them.

Right now it seems for the most part I can transfer from one dead server to another.

Yes please. Westfall. You keep telling people to JUST TAKE a free transfer.

I see no mention of Westfall Horde on that list. So please post that one.

Not that I know of. They only use total pop so they consider lopsided pops… healthy.

I never said blizzard had ALL realms available for free transfer.

If he wants his realm added maybe he should start a thread about it, with reasons why it should be added, or add to the origional free transfer thread with that reasoning in the post.

Blizzard is trying to help suffering realms. The names on that list has changed multiple times since it started. For example smolderweb wasnt initially on that list, and now it is. It also used to be able to transfer to whitemane, which is what i did with my characters from that realm.

The free transfers are a double edged sword. Until it was offered for free transfers smolderweb was small, but not dead. After it got free transfers, it died fast.

The list of free teansfers and destination realms has chabged over 10 times since it was offered to my knowledge.

Convince blizzard why you should have free transfers and they may add your realm to the list. Or maybe open a ticket and ask about it, give your realms statistics of “99% horde, so let alliance transfer off” or “99% alliance so let horde off”

So… maybe stop telling people they should take the free transfers when none were offered?


Seems you were trying to be dishonest cutting that part out though.


Maybe you shoukd get your realms manority faction together to open mass tickets asking for free transfers off. Make yourself heard to blizzard for a solution they are already offering other realms. Push for your realm to be added to that listing. Heck, get all the realms with huge faction imbalance to do the “ticket protest” and see what happens. Ultimately the players have the power in this situation because blizzard wants to keep getting your money, convince blizzard there is enough of you who want it that they shouldnupdate the list. Heck include in your reasoning that it will make reducing the number of realms (in the long run) easier which reduces their overhead costs.

Hmm maybe if enough of us also show there is enough players that want RDF they will listen too.


Ah, another person who was dumb enough to join the 0.1% side of a server with a 99.9% // 0.1% faction balance.

You can’t blame anyone but yourself. Do some research before picking a home next time.

That’s not even the point. You keep telling people that if they don’t like their realm, it’s their fault for not taking a transfer. The only transfer Westfall ever had was a year ago when they were begging Mankrik players to move TO westfall.

Now you’re saying I should petition Blizzard? You got caught. Not every realm has had free transfers. So again, maybe stop telling people they should take the free transfers when none were offered.

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You obviously know nothing about that server. It was a horde hotbed in OG classic.


Thats not a solution to dead realms. Thats a bandaid.

Also, they are not currently offering that as a solution to some players for classic. Free realm transfers are something they are currently offering. Its easier to convince them to do something for you they are already doing for others than to convince them to do something they are not doing for anyone, especially when that rdf “solution” doesnt fix action house, open world population, raiding, exc issues that dead or lopsided realms cause, resulting in a poor bandaid fix.

Actually it wasn’t.


It has been Alliance-dominated since its inception. No point in trying to make BS claims when information is public record.

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well seeing as they are doing jack now I’ll take the bandaid.