"World server is down" when logging in

So I have reported a bug and made a suggestion with the same description, yet to no avail so I’m posting it here to maybe get some help.
“Wulfgeng-Azgalor is stuck in the load screen to Timewalking Court of Stars, He has been stuck in the same loading screen since the morning of the January 25th, 2023. I have tried everything the self service support program has suggested but to no avail for my character is still stuck with “World server is down” message when I try to log him in. I am seriously going to unsubscribe if this problem isn’t solved before next reset, I don’t want to do that because i love this game but if I can’t play there is no use in paying for a service I can’t use.”
I hope somebody reads this and helps me, since I seem to have no other options.
Thank you whoever reads this and helps me.