World Rework

What is everyone’s opinion on a world rework? This could include the zones added in all prior expansions to BFA and Legion.

With Shadowlands introduced Exile’s Island, new players can experience from the start what the current expansion of WoW has to offer. I can also see how this creates some agency in where the player wants to start, although I don’t think it really addresses the core issue here.

We still have to look at the fact that Kali and EK still have Cata specific questlines. Most zones prior to MOP just look crusty and so out dated.

The process is huge, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be sold as a whole expansion feature. Blizzard can slowly rework the zones little by little, can introduce new questlines and have show the world post Cata. There’s so many ways they can go about implementing this. But much of the world just feels left behind and thrown away. Arathi and darkshore have already been reworked and it doesn’t make sense to just abandon Undercity and Teldrassil and leave them in their BFA-relevant states. We need to know what happens with these cities. Personally, I think these plot points may be coming in 10.0, when we’ve returned from Shadowlands and whenever they plan to return to the Night Warrior Tyrande situation. There’s a lot of directions they could go as I see it, what are your guyses thoughts on the issue?