World quests grind

world quests grind
i only see 2-3 gold rewarding quests right now

In Dragonflight?

Are you level 70 and completed the zones? I don’t see those achievements in your armoury.

Which WQ show as having gold rewards for you?

yes i just hit 70
finished the 4 main campaigns
i see 2 in the walking shores

Hitting 70 alone doesn’t enable World Quests.

You must also have finished the maun campaign quests in all four of the zones, then go up the Alexstrasza at the top of the tower and declare yourself finished.

hve finished the 4 main storylines

You see 2 gold rewards in the Waking Shores? Plus a Dragonriding Race, I presume. And other qusts that don’t reward gold.

And what about the other three zones?

dont see the dragonriding one
wait i see walking shores rallyy
is that the one ur refering too
wow head website is blocked in my region
cant acess what u linked
i see the walking shores rally one
but cant tell if its world quest

ok ur right i need more reown levels
to unlock the like the battle pass thing i would call it
to unlock what ever the reown levels unlock each level
got what to do now

thank u for all ur help
will figure it out some how
thank u

Here is a map of the current world quests

though they don’t show the correct rewards

The Waking Shores Dragonriding one is at Apex canopy in the far SW of the Waking Shores.

can i friend u

AH. Here’s a thought.

You may not have opened the Dragonscale Expedition’s Climbing and Cataloging quests, and those typically rewatd gold

You need to get some rep with Dragonscale Expedition and learn their tools before you can do those.

Here is a guide:

You can look them up at Dragonscale Basecamp

wow head is blocked is there another site u can link me

Unfortunately, I’m EU, so I have no 70s on NA that I can chat with you on.

And I was jusy looking up the Iskaara Tuskarr, who give “Fishing” quests that often also reward gold, and you may have skipped over them as well.

Wowhead is blocked? I’m sorry, I don’t know what to do about that, and there is no other site I know that contains the same information. You really NEED Wowhead to figure out what to do, and where quests are, and so on.

This is a really awkward way to get around it, but it may work

  1. Go to
  2. In the top box “My url is alive and I want to archive its content” paste in the Wowhead URL you need.
  3. Wait a minute
  4. The page is displayed. Not as neatly as the original, but the text seems to be there