World Quest reputation gains and excessive grind

Why was the respawn basically increased also bringing us back to the daily chore/requirement to check them off the list instead of just increasing the reputation gained from them by a similar factor?

To re-iterate:
Instead of 42k + Paragon level grind we now have 4 repuations with a total of 62500 reps. 75000 rep to gain. Looking at former expansions you always got between 500 and 800 rep per day if not more for some exceptional ones, not counting calling/emissary bonusses. By no we are maybe even below that value on a 3.5 days cycle, without the extra calling bonus.

I don’t know if there are that many different world quests for a scenario with more spawns on a that cycle without constantly having the same ones up though. It would be another alternative to increase the rep gains through this type of content while also providing more WQ content without it being tied to the 24h cycle.
Maybe there is a healthy compromise of increased rep per WQ and slightly more WQ spawns during the 3.5 days cycle.

Another suitable solution would be:
World quests that do not reward rep at all. Just random rewards outside of extra rep, some gold, maybe materials or an item. The baseline reputation is what made “WQ grinds” the dreadful thing to begin with at every launch or successive content patch.