World PvP should be the pinnacle of PvP

Arenas Battlegrounds can be fun. Though I can tell the majority of players who are actively running instanced pvp content are well seasoned, haven’t stopped playing for months if not years/ever. If you get completely obliterated, do you do other stuff in-game instead or play a different game? I do.

Which is only one reason why world PvP should be the pinnacle of PvP, with a rating system or different equivalent y’know. There is still going to be issues like pro teams squashing noobs like me. Though I think it’s an easier fix and can be made more welcoming and forgiving.

I don’t think 3v3 or RBG’s can ever be as hyped as world PvP. Anyways feel free to disagree.


HELL YES!!! if Blizz ever embraced this mentality the game would explode in popularity.


I think so too. I don’t think it would be overnight, but it would eventually grow to be the best thing to do PvP wise to many people. As of right now the vast majority of pvp people prefer arena solo shuffle for obvious reasons. I think there is more to offer world PvP and make it even a soloable kind of experience if you like.

Right now world PvP is mostly like it always was. The same can be said with arena and RBGs even more so but it’s supposed to be like that, pretty much. While world PvP has more potential in diversity and such.

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Dude, i totally agree with you! Imagine an open world with alot more pvp activies, rewards and a specific coin obtained by doing open world activities and objectives.
They need to bring back the rage between alliance - horde again, that would be amazing. The specific coin i mentioned could be used to buy some specific itens and potions wich could make any spec x1any other spec in the game (dps)…idk, it feels like a dream


I agree OP.

World pvp has always been my favorite. Would love for it to get tthe spotlight!

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The problem is to get everyone engaged in world stuff would be expensive for Blizzard as it’s a lot more to manage than box PVP and what not.


I think there’s some interesting creative ideas that can be conjured up, similar to the delves in the next expansion.

Oh there’s a lot they could do for wpvp. For selfish reasons alone I’d love to see it! But the reality is that it would take a ton of dedication, time and resources on Blizzard’s part to do this properly.

This is a tough pill for some of us to swallow, but WoW is primarily a storyline driven MMO that happens to have PVP in it.

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go play SoD.

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It is due though. I appreciate some of the efforts they have put towards it though.

I think a good start would be is to have like 50-100+ unique items that are split into 2+ parts. At max level (or ilvl req) each player can accept a quest to receive 1 part of one of these unique items and by doing so you can see all players who have the “unique” counterpart(s) wherever they are and they can see you. Disabling warmode or being looted by an enemy player causes you to lose them I guess. If you loot an enemy player who happens to have a different part(s) you now be seen by those people who have those counterparts and vice versa.

If you loot a player who has the counterpart to complete the item, it can no longer be looted from your corpse and you can either accept another part quest (if not timegated) or loot another corpse that happens to have a part even though you could not see them by having a counterpart. Completed parts could be used as currency or be a rating equivalent so there’s push
to complete parts.

I suppose this may be worthy testing in a zone or new bg mode maybe raid size bg. I think attaching a new rating equivalent is probably best. Though I think you are right that it’s a lot to work on because there’s other ideas they could go with too.

I remember when vanilla first came out with PVP Ranking system, those were badass.
Every week the ladder would get updated, and people were out for blood for eachother all the time.

The whole big selling point of World of Warcraft was fact that faction open world pvp can happen at any time.

Literally WAR craft.

instanced lobby PvP grows stale super quick.

People fought this notion and idea when war mode came out.

The point of having a rating attached to pvp is that the setting is as balanced as it can be. In a world PvP setting it can easily be 1vs 5 or more. Hell it’s pretty typical to run into alliance raid groups just doing the sparks quest. World PvP is fine as long as it’s treated as a yolo event. Putting rating to it is not needed.

Rip to old pvp servers being that all the time, before all the layering, instancing every element of the game, and phasing.

That’s a good point, I think the rating system i described had a flaw or several. However, if there were a rating system for world PvP I think it would be best if raid members with Warmode on were easily identified via Map(all maps) at all times, practically.

Perhaps party groups and individuals would reach that status over time, kills and/or death. But they’d have to rework joining after group being disbanded.

…Gee, warbands has nothing to do with world PvP? I like the concept of warbands but the name is quite strong for just item storage.

I miss pvp servers. This war mode crap is lame.


You can’t do quests while in a Raid group. So they’re just there to kill you.


WHY!!! do we even have arenas and bgs? its a game…in a gigantic world. Instanced pvp of any type should absolutely not have a rating on it…ever.
You should be rated by going out and killing players in the real open world and that should literally be the only possible way to win ranking…also in wpvp you shouldnt be allowed to join a group of more than 5 people…WHOEVER it was that decided it was ok to have groups in pvp zones is an absolute moron. pvp stands for player vs. player right…so…how is a pvp zone group content? someone really needs to explain that to me…if you wanna sit in an arena where they completely bork the game with several different dampening and other mechanics…fine…but thats not wow…lmao, thats, a sidegame that means absolutely nothing to rest of the game…the gear you get from pvp isnt even viable in pve unless you spend a lifetime upgrading it and then its still not even close to bis…for people who like to pvp, which honestly since i came back a bit ago seems to be the majority of the remaining playerbase…the game is in a very, very bad place. the thought of running the same dungeon on mythic 11 over 80 times to upgrade my pvp gear is absolutely ridiculous…thats not counting the first set of 80 times i have to run plus 6 to get it halfway upgraded…why the F!!@! is pvp gear upgraded from pve? I agree with this idea 1000000% but…honestly its quickly getting to a point that i just dont really see any reason to log in…arenas are quite literally full of botters, scripters, russian carries, rate throwers…its just trash…maybe 1 out of 5 matches are enjoyable these days. if they just let the game get back to being the game where we were all just toons in the world…it would vastly improve EVERYTHING about the game instantly.

Why are people afraid of the enter key?

  1. You can get the same currency required to upgrade gear via PvP.
  2. You are upgrading the PvE value. All PvP gear is at the highest ilvl it can be, in PvP, without needing to upgrade it.

It will never be close to BiS for PvE. Ever. It’s PvP gear.

its at the highest level for ilvl but not stats for wpvp though…the stats dont stay at base stats if its upgraded in wpvp.
you have players in fully upgraded pieces in the world against people with only 50% upgrades cause they dont wanna do pve content…