World pvp events

For anyone who has never come to one of the pvp things I do. Sometimes its FTH, and sometimes it’s just random world pvp. (theremore event was a big one.) Where a horde raid group and an alliance raid group meet at a specific place, and at a predetermined time, we all start fighting. Friendly and fun battles. Theremore had 2 full raid groups of horde, 2 of allies and about 70 ppl flying over head watching, for several hours it was a blast.

The reason for the post is, i need an alliance main on bladefist/kultiras to be the other half to group and lead the alliance side. Need it to be on our server to help with sharding. We will work together to find the best places to have our little mini wars. So you will have a say in it, if you want.

I don’t check forums often, so whisper or mail me in game if you are interested in being the alliance leader. After i find one. I’ll start filling the community.