World of Warcraft - Telling the Story of Humanity?

I haven’t gone that in-depth into this idea. Let me know your thoughts.

BFA - Released August 2018 (the discussion of pollution, self-sustainability, eco-friendly practices, and more become more popular and talked about)

Azeroth bleeding azerite. Save Azeroth.
Earth bleeding due to pollution and harmful treatment of animals. Save Earth.

Shadowlands - Released November 2020 (Awakening is becoming more popular and more talked about)
Goodbye Azeroth. It is time to awaken and ascend.
Goodbye 3d/4d. It is time to awaken and ascend.

Interesting things are going to happen end of this year into early 2021. This may explain the decision to release Naxx and Shadowlands together before the interesting things happen.

Check out the video I made intended to bring peace, love, healing, courage, bravery, strength, and compassion to the world.

If you don’t want to click on the link to the video, just type snowmanboy atma into the youtube search box and it will pop up.

Thank you. I love and appreciate you all.

If there is a connection, I don’t think it’s intentional. I think the awakening aspect is part of the collective unconscious, and it’s slowly bleeding into art, music, and other creative media.

Great post.

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I think you’re right Griffon. At the same time, I always wonder if there are some out there one step ahead, who intentionally create with who knows what agenda.