World of Warcraft Reveal News Round-Up

World of Warcraft Reveal News Round-Up

Learn more about the next World of Warcraft expansion Dragonflight and Wrath of the Lich King Classic in our news round-up.

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Thank god they’re bringing back the old talent trees. Seriously THANK YOU for that.


What happened to “We will never do another neutral race again!” mantra after Pandas.



New race looks so ugly.


All races should become neutral


The cinematic didn’t reveal as much as I would have liked, but it’s presentation was awesome nonetheless. As far as content, the system overhauls were enough to get me to consider coming back, but I am still curious about class overhauls. Classes have been the same for six years, and many specs have lost the identities that made them enjoyable in my opinion. We need class revamps! But other than that, great presentation!


For the Neutrals!

(note: mentioned in the deep dive that the new race picks a faction at character creation … so, alas, not really neutral)


It’s is true; the Dragonfight is coming with their new contents, along with their new cinematic, upon came to us.


Are they really!?! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay


While there’s excitement for the new expansion…

Old areas:

I feel it would be lovely to update old areas such as the blood elf and dranei starting zone for example PLEASE. Those old areas could use more love and not more negligence. The Ghostlands should be healed up with the aide of Sindorei and horde effort included and can be done through a chain quest which is the one where you defeat Darkhan and Deathholme eliminating the the scourge presence. Rebuild Silvermoon city too!

Classes and races:

In regards old zones, it’s been years since the dead scar has been in Eversong woods and Ghostlands… I believe it’s time and the blood elves may be ready to learn druidism to help heal their lands.

All that I’ve wrote above are examples of a wish list that’s been on my mind for years playing this game. Updating old areas is quite ideal for role play servers as well.


Excited for the new expansion. My only hope at this point is hunters will finally get to tame dragons as I wanted during Wrath!


I don’t know what you’re looking at but there’s no sexualization that I can see. What a weird thing to be mad about.


It does indeed.

I like the dragons. Miss them. I do wish we had new classes. Old ones are rather boring now.


So much for my crick elf campaign. There’s always next time…

:dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean:


I’m sad we’re only getting 2 specs with the new class, I’m very happy for a new mail class but not getting a mail class that can tank feels bad. Since 2004 we haven’t had a mail class that can tank, enhancement kinda could tank in vanilla but really not. I hope you guys look at feedback like you’ve been asking because a black dragonflight tank spec feels like the perfect chance to do that.


We can already tame dragons. They’re just called serpents.


It looks interesting, I’ll give it that. I like the talent system, the UI overhauls and am intrigued by professions.

There are some concerning things though. The whole holding down a button to charge it sounds dreadful. I’ll have to see how it plays but I will probably avoid any class that plays that way.

No release date, or general idea. That’s kind of a yikes.

No mention of how many dungeons. This has me worried. There needs to be more than 8.

No mentioning of changing mythic raiding. This also is concerning. Please no more 20 man.

Also no mention of mythic+ at all. PLEASE redo the affix system entirely. Drop tyrannical and redo every mid-tier affix.


I really hope theres an option to play the new class in humanoid form, the idea of being in that drake form like worgen form makes it very unappealing


I mean its not like they’ll totally be out of whack due to hybridization that’s existed in SL’s and caused numerous problems, oh wait…