World of Warcraft News and Development Updates

World of Warcraft News and Development Updates

Catch up on the latest World of Warcraft release dates, news, hotfixes, and more.

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Can you pin this? This is a great move.

  • World Events
    • “School of Hard Knocks” is no longer required for the Children’s Week achievement “For the Children.”

This is the best thing you have announced in years. Thank you!

(and yes I did it back in the day)


Ooh funky! Thanks

Super excited for the pet battle bonus event! Leveling will be faster than ever!

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Tbh this achievement wasn’t hard

Never said it was but forcing people that dont want to PvP into PvP is a bad idea. Especially when it causes player to fight against their own team in order to get something done.

Like I said I got it 5/4/11 but I understand why it shouldnt be a part of the meta - but it def can be an achieve


Blizzard News sounds like a better approach to report things after what happened with Arclight lol

Those same people who dislike PvP are the same ones praising MoP like the holy grail of expansions, where you had to do PvP for your legendary cloak

Just dropping in to say I really like these News roundup blogs. It is a nice improvement in communications and makes the giant world of WoW far easier to keep up with.

I especially liked the list of recent Dragonflight Interviews. Having all the links in one place, as well as an idea what the topics discussed were, is great.


MoP was the best because Pandas and monks. Also best setting other than BFA Alliance side.

Never went for it. Had to PvP. Was well into my 40s by then and not gonna deal with the BS. I just skipped the cloak altogether.

Thank you so much for this blog post, it’s so hard to keep track of everything that happens with WoW that this single summary makes life much easier and content much more accessible!

Keep up the good work <3


Incorrect. There is a reason I did not ever get my Leg Cloak in MoP and why I did not get the Holiday Meta until today.

That achievement was poorly designed even if you LIKED PvP. It disrupted normal play and was bad for both the non-PvP and PvP folks alike. People have asked for that specific one to be removed from the meta since it started.

I am glad Blizz listened. Even if it took more than 10 years.


That’s because it was, regardless of what pve players say or if you hate pandas. It had the most fun & complex gameplay in terms of class and also diverse comps in Arena/Rbgs
Insanely good wpvp at timeless isles also! 9/10 for me which was VERY high pinnacle point before the down fall after WoD.

I agree with Miresol 100%, what a great way to engage with your community and players.

Amazing post Blizzard and as a pvp player I look forward to receiving content like everyone else :slight_smile: since we have severally been in a drought over the years when it comes to pvp. Please find a way to connect battlegroups with Warmode and remove layering/phasing. I want to make rivals like I did in original pvp servers. Also more bgs please and more wpvp tactics to encourage wpvp some players need that xtra umph to get involved but others love it since it’s end game pvp content where the world is your playground. Arenas are great but it’s not my personal favorite thing to do just a way to end game gear.

hey, this gana be monthly? this should be monthly.
give us some cute stuff like this for everyone.
keep the communication open or we will feel lonely.

also, how does the wow team view the current negative opinions of the dracthyr race? allot of people are giving feedback on remodeling entirely or wanting xyz customization. is there any wiggle room on what we can see changed ( worgen catacylsm style ) or is it dead set?

What’s the date for 9.2.5?


Not known date yet, expected to be around August or whatever, as developers told it; in interview websites.

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