World of Warcraft News and Development Updates

Again. This is about shadowlands.

Why is Legion being brought up? They’re obviously having a lot of issues on their end (note the lack of needs changes with more class adjustments with talents). And a 9,2 announcement now is unrealistic.

So I ask again. Where did Legion come from in the context of Shadowlands?

I quite literally just told you why I brought up Legion. You are being intentionally ignorant to why I brought it up.

I was comparing the patch cycle between the two expansions. You are saying that a 9.2 announcement now is “too soon”. I am asking you “too soon” to what? The release date of 9.1? That was 4 months ago now. The release date of 9.1.5? Not a content patch.

I brought up Legion because there is absolutely nothing “so soon” about a 9.2 announcement right now when they could pump out good patches every 77 days in Legion. Why is there no announcement 121 days after the release of 9.1?

Why is that?

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They need the actual cash for their quarterly earnings report, so no.

Makes no sense. I would just transfer with less gold then, not buy my 4m gold back lolol.

9.2 would bring us some kind of hope. No matter how many issues it cannot take this much longer to at least give us a trailer.


It…it…it compels me.

I have to see it live first.

But…KITTY! The entire purpose for which the internet was invented.

Shadowlands development is obviously being disrupted due to all of the internal stuff that they’re going through at Blizzard and with Activision itself.

Hearing anything about a 9.2 with all of this going on so soon, (and I’m sticking to so soon) is unrealistic.

Legion has nothing to do with all of this. You’re bringing stuff up while ignoring the bs going on now just for the sake of it. Unless, you’re just one of those people that’s living under a rock and is unable to comprehend the current situation.

Yeah guys… absolutely NONE of this is a good substitute for concrete information about 9.2.

9.1.5 is a quality of life update with absolutely NO new content. At the end of the day it’s released, for the VAST majority of us, we have nothing new to do (I don’t care about revisiting old Legion content.)

This is why you’re losing customers, Blizzard. One CONTENT patch in a year, with no second patch any time until at least early 2022. Eyes on the ball, please.

(P.S. COVID and the lawsuits are not good reasons for any of this. Every other company in the world has adapted to COVID throughout 2021. And people still work full days during the lawsuit investigations; they still have deadlines to hit and metrics to meet. So let’s not start excusing a lack of content for these two factors.)


Ahh yes, the current situation that THEY have gotten themselves into. Once again, why should we be paying for a product that is not being updated. Obviously it is causing disruptions; but the players should not be punished for that.

Metatraxi sums it up pretty well.

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I agree, but because their higher ups are a bunch of pigs who tries to do whatever they can avoid actually being, ya know… good people, it can’t be helped.

So, either follow others and drop the game completely for something else that’s not going through this or suffer with us :neutral_face:

They don’t do that because they probably won’t make it on time promised and anything is subject to change.

I already did drop it. I still think they need to get to work though. They used COVID as a blanket excuse for 9.1 taking so long, which quite frankly, stopped being an excuse by that point as they said moving home didn’t slow down production. And 9.2 should have already been well into development by the time 9.1 released, like these things always are.

Hopefully they announce it soon.

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At this point, when I think about all that was said at the time, it was likely to not put any damper of what was going on. This work place misconduct didn’t really explode in public until AFTER and that’s when we got to see and hear a lot of their devs talking about what goes on inside, like with some literally just playing games on the job instead of working. That could still be happening now for all we know.

Put out a cat mount, but still nothing on the Heritage armor sets for the rest of the races. Come on guys.

Entirely true. People will whine about anything. That should not stop them from letting people that actually care gain some insight into their plans for the game. Setting and controlling expectations is infinitely more valuable than doling out updates only a week in advance.

It’s not hard.

It can be as simple as:

Or even:


I’m not a fan of road maps because more then often not, they never come to pass or get rewritten and even the rewritten road map gets abandoned. It’s basically like saying “I’l pay you back in a month” and then you suddenly get fired…so you can’t pay back and unexpected events change everything.


Except that’s completely not true for several games and their roadmaps right this very second… FFXIV and Guild Wars 2, to name just two, have put out detailed roadmaps INCLUDING DATES and have kept those dates to the letter.

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But, are they dealing with the same legal problems as Activision Blizzard which is currently one of the main things causing problems for development?

Activision Blizzard has absolutely no reason (from a financial standpoint) to let their divisions’ projects fester and stall. That’s why it’s kind of crazy to think that the lawsuit is causing the lack of content.

Don’t get me wrong, the lawsuit is certainly causing the employees a lot of completely and totally justified frustration and upset (the company has been AWFUL to its rank and file employees), but they’re still showing up and doing their jobs to the best of their abilities. The employees at Blizzard are still awesome.

It’s this silent treatment from the powers that be at Blizzard about their future content that’s a real issue here. Just tell us SOMETHING, Blizzard, about your plans for 2022. Are we getting 9.2 in the first or second quarter of the year? Are we getting the next expansion in the last quarter of 2022 or sometime in 2023 as is looking more likely. Throw us a bone here!

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