World of Warcraft: Cooking Workshop

World of Warcraft: Cooking Workshop

Join chef Lulaboo in the kitchen as she talks with World of Warcraft developers while putting her culinary chops to work preparing dishes inspired by the food and ingredients of Azeroth. Then craft them at home!

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You know what would have fit really well with this cooking workshop?

New Pandaren Customization options. They love food! They have a food racial and everything! :smiley:


You better start cooking some new customization options.


My favorite part of BC was when it ended. My favorite part of BC Classic is when it ends.

That warp burger sounds delicious :yum:

The Warp Burger recipe looks yummy, but watching her form patties in her bare hands, and then touch all her kitchen implements, cut the buns and load them with fillings without ever seeing her clean her hands has given me the heebie-jeebies! Please wash your hands people! Cross-contamination can send someone to see Bwomsamdi sooner than later!


This is something that my 78 year old Mother would watch on the Food Network.

Don’t be dissing the Food Network now! Well, except for the Pioneer Woman, that’s fair game.


LOL @ “The Pioneer Woman”. My Mother loves her.

What in the World of Warcraft is going on here!

The fine folks at Blizzconline showed us a cooking demonstration where if you followed the example of the presenter, you could have spread E. Coli or Yesenia or some other form of food-borne pathogen! The presenter literally formed ground beef patties in her hands, and then never washed them before touching everything else in her kitchen. All she did was wipe them on her apron. So I was calling out the fact she cross-contaminated everything, especially her apron, and also expressed the need for people to wash their hands immediately after touching raw meat. Literally speaking, if you followed her example, you very well could kill someone in real life, and they don’t make soulstones for that.


I think I’d just use Old Bay instead of the Bold Dave seasoning. Needs more spice.

I was raised on a summer tradition of Portuguese-style SE New England clam boils (littlenecks, breakfast sausage, hot dogs, Portuguese chourico, potatoes, corn on the cob boiled in a broth of water and pimenta moida (Portuguese chili pepper/vinegar sauce)) and that’s still my favorite.

you are right! and it makes the video disgusting to watch now… :face_with_monocle:

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