World Of NightElfCraft? Enraged here!

Seriously they get a free flightpoint to auberdine while all the other races have to discover theirs. It is just one of many instances that Blizzard favors night elves.

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Nelfs are the coolest of the Alliance races, we deserve so much more.


Night elves are like the kids who ride the short bus to school. They get a free flight point because we feel sorry for them.


Should have the next expansion called Revenge of the Kaldorei.

What of us humans, undead overlord?

The free flight path was negotiated as part of us not having mining nodes on starting zone. This agreement expires in 99 years.


You’re not too bad, but you guys tire too easily. You should eat your Andorhal Wheaties so you can get your endurance up.

Get to 60 so we can get you attuned!! :grin:

“Let’s head over to Darnassus.”
- nobody ever


Just wait till you want to go to stormwind, see how much blizzard favored nightelfs then


What are you talking about? They get a race-exclusive event on their leveling journey called the Wetlands Run.


You’re 15 years behind. There’s a skip for it.

Working on it. I have tomorrow off but I am about to go to work. Sorry about the slow leveling lol. I am thinking I will be 58 tomorrow night.

Good we can drag you through zg

NE supremacy parades tomorrow at 6pm pst.

We all know that Blood Elves have always been the short bus kids.

Why yes, they favor them so much they destroyed Auberdine and then torched the entirety of Teldrassil.

How much more favoritism can the night elves get? They just keep winning!

Same as the so-called ‘Horde bias’ Alliance players continually whine about.

To be fair, both IF and SW can teach Mining, Blacksmithing and Engineering. Darnassus does not provide these Trainers. If a Nelf is interested, they have to travel to Darkshore for Mining and Blacksmithing. Engineering, on the other hand, is much more difficult to obtain, as a Nelf interested in being an Engineer. You’ll have to travel out to Loch Modan, as it is the “closest” Engineering Trainer, from Teldrassil, for Nelves. Doesn’t seem so “favorable”, to me…

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