World First Solo Shuffle Glad

Think I have a chance now that my teammates won’t be holding me back? :thinking:

Guess you didn’t read the part where glad is still exclusive to rated 3’s eh?

That’s why I specified Solo Shuffle Glad and not 3v3 Glad. Did you even read my post?

Once again, this does not exist.

But you do you and grind that 1400 :man_shrugging:


Just don’t Russell Wilson my solo shuffle experience.

Why are you being so negative? What did I do to you?

isnt this the 2nd post where you pretend you are a good player? Its not a good look dude.

Correcting doesn’t mean negative. Make better posts

You’ve never played with me. My honor level is way higher than you so idk why you’re talking down to me like you’re some sort of PvP god

3rd post of you trying to brag. You are terrible kid

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1v1 me?

500k gold

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