World Drop Echo of the Cave

It says that the Echo of the Cave is a world drop …I got lucky tonight and had it drop while doing that world Elemental event …


Not to belittle your catch in any way, but seems all 4 of the Echos got added to the game today and there’s bunch of happy pet people who scored. Giveaway is the AH, lot of Echos up for sale. Some really cheap on busy servers, way more pricey on the low population ones.


The Echo drop pets are connected to the Elemental events. They correspond to the storm that’s up, so Echo of the Cave for earth storms, Echo of the Depths for water storms, Echo of the Heights for air storms, and Echo of the Inferno for fire storms.

The four Storm-Touched wild pets are also connected to the storms. They’ll spawn in the area of the storm, for any of the elements. They correspond to the zones, so Storm-Touched Bluefeather for Thaldraszus & Primalist Future, Storm-Touched Ottuk in The Azure Span, Storm-Touched Stomper in The Waking Shores, & the Storm-Touched Timbertooth in the Ohn’ahran Plains.

Then there are the two pets for the elemental overflow currency: Ghostflame & Stormie. They cost 1,000 Elemental Overflow each.


They seem to have different rarities too, evidenced by their price.

Fire is most common, followed by Wind/Stone, then Water.

Fire dropped like Candy for me. I had probably 20 in an hour farming session. Water is definitely the rarest. I never had it drop in 2 hours of farming.

Prices on the AH reflect this, Fire was selling for 100g last I looked, and I just sold stone for 700g tonight. Water was still selling for like 5k.

To note, if you catch it in the Primalist Future, it’ll be level 1, as there are no wild pets in the Future to be backup. So probably better to catch it in another invasion in Thaldraszus. I’ll probably do that next time one is up to save me 5 minutes during the next pet week next month.

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Opposite for me here. It took a long time to get a fire and stone. I have been choking on air and water to the point I’m dumping them in the guild bank.

Had two of them drop for me within an hour or so when I was farming fire motes for the mount…didn’t realize it until I looked my bag when I went to sell stuff…lol One I know came from one of the rock elementals, and I think the other came from one of the elite fire guys I was farming.